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A byproduct of technology, gaming is something that is relatively new (especially if you compare it to sport’s age). Gaming is usually believed to be tied to a console or a computer unit. However, there are more and more facets to gaming that are popping up through the years.

There are so many types of gaming out there and we simply hope to do them justice. Mobile gaming is now a big thing and tabletop gaming is making a comeback. Do not even get us started on card games!

We want to be able to show our readers that just because the word ‘card game’ comes up does not mean that we are talking about gambling. If you have ever played a game of solitaire, that in itself is a card game! The recent decades have given the term ‘card game’ a whole different meaning with the different stories that come to life with just a pack of cards.

Team AirPlay is comprised of a happy bunch of individuals that carry a deep love for both sports and gaming. Back then, it would be practically unheard of for the two to mesh. We are setting aside the stereotypes of jocks and nerds and pushing forth a community of gamers and athletes that are wholly supportive of each other.

We are writers of varying ages and fields of profession. It’s just that just have our systems overflowing with exuberance about different sports and games.

We want you to know that this website and its writers will be crafting wholly original and unique perspectives about the world of gaming and sports.

Why Play?

For most people, an hour a day playing our favorite games will power up our ability to engage whole-heartedly with difficult challenges, strengthen our relationships with the people we care about most – while still letting us notice when it’s time to stop playing in virtual worlds and bring our gamer strengths back to real life.

Jane Mcgonigall


Failure doesnt mean game over, It means try again with experience.
Brainy Qoutes

Karl T. Forsyth | March 03 2021

As the “battle royale” genre of games has grown, so, too, has the diversity of graphical engines, launchers, and supporting apps that power the games we all know and love. 

Karl T. Forsyth | March 03 2021

Fortnite by Epic Games is going to go down as one of this decade’s most influential and successful games. With millions of players all over the world and countless tournaments, contests, and matchups every month, Fortnite
Gaming is one of those things that’s pretty amazing because when you think about it, everybody wants to game; whether you’re a casual gamer, or you’re an enthusiast gamer, there’s a large market for us.

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