What is GamerGate?

And why should you care? Like most other controversies journalists cover, GamerGate has two sides. But they don’t even agree on what the other side is fighting for or against. They both talk about  “journalism ethics” – claiming it as either a cause or a canard. Since it’s rare for non-journalists (or even journalists, for that matter) to mention journalism ethics, AIrPlay aims to figure it out.  |  MORE



This is a crapshoot

AirPlay is the first live and live-streamed GamerGate debate. Actually, it’s three debates – two in the morning and one after lunch. But many on both sides of this year-old controversy are skeptical about AirPlay, and they’re definitely wary of each other. Fortunately, AirPlay’s sponsors are neither about either.  |  MORE



A heated debate in a hot place

AirPlay is this summer in Miami. It’s part of a one-day conference sponsored by two journalism groups. On Saturday, August 15, 100 pro and college journalists will pay to attend intense media-training sessions, but the public can attend the equally intense AirPlay debates for free.  |  MORE



Here are the speakers

There aren’t “sides.” The pro-GamerGate slate was selected by its own supporters. They’ll share the stage with a pair of journalists and a independent game developer. Together, they’ll debate journalism ethics in the gaming press and the broader challenge of ethically covering online controversies like GamerGate.  |  MORE



AirPlay’s sponsors aren’t gamers

We’re a group even less respected by polite society. AirPlay is underwritten by journalists – the Society of Professional Journalists Region 3 and SPJ Florida. The former represents SPJ members in the southeastern United States: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. The latter is SPJ’s reigning Chapter of the Year and the only winner of that award twice in the past five years.