In the land of basketball, certain names wield a certain amount of power. Stephen Curry became an overnight household name of sorts. Today, we take a look at why he became so darn popular.


Just who is Stephen Curry?

For anyone who loves basketball, the name will automatically ring a bell. For those who do not follow basketball, there is still a huge chance of recognizing the name because of brand marketing and product ads on both TV and online.

His real name is Wardell Stephen Curry II. He was born on the 14th of March in the year 1988. Stephen Curry is a “legacy” in the sense that his father was also an NBA player. His mother is also an athlete as she was a volleyball player that had a rather successful career.

While you can say that his talent was in his blood, he worked hard at what he has accomplished with the help of his dedicated mother. She was the one who is primarily credited with putting in the necessary discipline that benefited any budding athlete. As an NBA player, Curry’s father travelled a lot but this did not hamper him from developing a healthy relationship.

Curry’s performance as an athlete was already quite exceptional when he was still in school. When Curry attended Davidson College, he was already showing that he had the chops to play professionally like his father once did. Eventually, he was signed up by the Golden State Warriors.

For those that do follow Curry’s basketball career, they will tell you that Curry has managed to achieve something that not even Michael Jordan has done. Curry has managed to be unanimously voted as MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the NBA. Now what we have given a bit of insight on just who Stephen Curry is, let’s get started on the reasons why he is so popular!


Just WHY is Steph Curry so Popular?

There are very real performance related issues as to why he is popular but we will be taking a different angle on why Steph is just so famous. Here are four quick answers that we have come up with:


Steph Curry just seems to down to Earth

One of the reasons why people often look up to athletes is because they seem quite above the rest of us. Professional athletes are often regarded as entities that are beyond the reach of normal everyday citizens. They way that they spend their time and their money is usually something most people cannot hope to attain.

As a consequence, the athletes are often perceived as untouchable and just ‘not like the rest of us’. However, Steph Curry is different from the usual mold of celebrity athletes that the world has seen. With the advent of social media, people are now able to have a peek into the everyday life of athletes and celebrities.

From this insight into Stephen Curry’s life, he appears to be a very down to Earth individual. No excessive purchases, a steady relationship with his wife, and a healthy relationship with his children. He appears to be the type of person that anyone could be friends with. This appeal helps to generate interest in Stephen Curry the person and not just Stephen Curry the athlete.


Stephen Curry carried the Underdog tag

Everyone in the world loves an underdog tale. There is a very good reason why movies like Rocky or IP Man have a massive following the world over. Seeing the relative unknown but wholly talented newbie join a field wherein established (and not particularly liked) champions reign can be something that anyone can relate with.

At any point in our lives, we have all once felt relative newbies in our chosen career paths. Triumphing over adversity is always something that people have gravitated toward. Stephen Curry with his physically unassuming state did not exactly inspire fear in the heart of his opponents. Yet once he started shooting, it was clear that he was a giant among giants. His ability to overcome staggering odds resonated well with fans and non-fans alike.


Stephen Curry’s personal branding is organic

Most of what we know about Stephen Curry is information obtained from his wife and their YouTube page. Using that platform, Curry and his wife share bits and pieces of their lives, along with their advocacies!

They also make use of other social media platforms to express which causes they believe in and what charities they support. It goes against the grain of carefully sculpted press releases and damage control press conferences that we have been used to. Curry’s advocacies are directly primarily toward the youth and he emphasizes how important it is for young boys to have positive role models.

From everything we have seen from this person, Curry espouses all his ideals in his everyday life. Making his brand one that is fully organic and admirable. In a world where it is becoming ‘acceptable’ to be uncouth, Curry is a refreshing break from the mold.


Stephen Curry loves his mama

In a modern world where it is considered to be fashionable to be completely independent, Stephen Curry once again swims against the stream. He has always made in plain that he has a long-standing contract with his mother about his performance.

Each time that he goes past three turnovers in a game, his mother fines him $100 with an additional 100 for each succeeding turnover. While this may seem quite silly to some, this shows the great respect that Curry holds for his mother. Not only does it keep him sharper in the games that he’s in it also serves as a good reminder for him that his mother is always keeping an eye on her son’s performances.


In Closing

Stephen Curry’s legend is still building itself. We now live in the time where we can watch history unfold before our very eyes. Steph’s appeal continues to grow and this is something that sports fans will continue to watch over in the coming years.

Are you a Steph Curry fan? What reasons do you have for liking or not liking him beyond his basketball performance? Let us know!