Maybe I was wrong

Michael Koretzky | July 14, 2015


Here’s a trick question.

What happens when you give GamerGate panelists almost everything they want at AirPlay?

They threaten to quit.

Last night was the strangest and saddest in my three-month-long descent into GamerGate. It began with AirPlay panelist Oliver Campbell calling to tell me, earnestly and weirdly, “My wife wants to kick your ass” and he feels like a “house nigger.”

Why? because someone is making decisions about the pro-GamerGate lineup without consulting him.

I reminded Campbell, “I have nothing to do with that. The GamerGate panelists were recruited by a committee of your peers. This is maybe the only time you can’t be mad at me.”

That led to an hour-long conference call with Campbell and fellow pro-Gamergate panelists Allum Bokhari and Mark Ceb. Campbell and Ceb had “a big problem” with AirPlay’s schedule. If I didn’t make changes, both threatened to stay home Aug. 15.

Their “big problem” is AirPlay’s smallest part. As it says on the schedule page

In 15 minutes, learn the contours of the cruelest online controversy you’ve never heard of.

Campbell and Ceb wanted that expanded to an hour. I told them no.

AirPlay’s purpose is reach those outside of GamerGate, especially journalists. “If you can’t explain your movement in two minutes, much less 15, no journalist is going to cover you,” I replied. “That might not be fair, it might not be right, but that’s the way it is.”

Campbell kept arguing, even yelling. He repeated “house nigger” for this new audience. I said I needed to go because it was dinnertime – and my wife might kick his ass if I missed it. But he kept yelling. The others were mostly silent, which means they either agreed or were intimidated. Neither possibility impressed me.

When I said I’d consulted other journalists who adored this particular AirPlay feature – because it would quickly get everyone up to speed – Campbell calmed down but muttered, “I’m feeling disrespected right now.”

My mind immediately turned to the GamerGate meme that mocks feelz, but I simply told Campbell that this was a business decision and not a personal attack.

“Look, no one outside GamerGate wants to listen to an hour of GamerGate history,” I said. “They just don’t. I’m sorry.”

Ceb didn’t say much, but he agreed with Campbell that this was possibly a deal-breaker for him.

But this wasn’t the worst part. This was…

Campbell admitted he’d read these AirPlay updates before they were posted. I’m still unsure what point he was trying to make with this admission, but it floored me.

I share each of these updates with 3-4 SPJers. (Every journalist needs an editor.) I also show them to the GamerGate Committee. Why? Two reasons:

  1. I want to know if I’m making factual errors. Reporters sometimes share chunks of their stories with sources if the topics are technical. While not universal (and quite controversial in some quarters), it’s most common in science-heavy stories.
  2. I want to predict reaction. I’m hosting a debate, not researching an investigative series. So any insights into the mood of an alien culture are helpful.

All I asked in return: Don’t show these updates to anyone else. Apparently, at least one was shared on a Google Hangout. Maybe others, too.

Our too-long conference call ended with me asking for a decision by today – are you coming or not? I have yet to hear from Campbell, but Ceb replied a few hours later, “I’ll attend and make the best of the situation as possible.”

Such enthusiasm.

I’m not going to cancel AirPlay, but my own enthusiasm sure has taken a hit. GamerGate’s best and brightest – they were chosen from their own community – threatened to boycott, called me a literal slave-driver, and violated my trust.

And that was my first conversation with only half of the GamerGate panelists. Those three – Bokhari, Campbell, and Ceb – are sitting on the morning panel. Three more GamerGaters are sitting on the afternoon panel. I wonder what “big problems” they have. I wonder what ultimatums they’ll give me. I wonder if any of them will accuse me of making them a nigger.

Last night was everything that a dozen or so gaming journalists and GamerGate critics told me would happen…

  • GamerGate is slash and burn. The movement can’t compromise on even the smallest of things. It’s all or nothing all the time.
  • GamerGate is immature. Three grown men couldn’t let me off the phone even when I asked repeatedly and nicely. We had to resolve this right now.
  • GamerGate is all-consuming. I’ve volunteered three months, sat on a six-hour stream answering all questions, posted nearly 500 tweets, and sent more than 100 email replies. Yet apparently, I haven’t done enough.

This much I know: If what happened last night happens at AirPlay, I’ll interrupt. If it continues, I’ll have those individuals escorted off the stage. If they refuse to go, I’ll turn off the cameras.

I’ve certainly met some wonderful, fascinating GamerGaters these past few months. But maybe there aren’t enough of them to make difference. Maybe I should’ve listened to my fellow SPJ board members: This isn’t worth the time and aggravation, especially when compelling projects await.

Maybe everyone else was right and I was wrong.

I have no regrets, because I’ve learned so much and enjoyed almost all of it. But I’m beginning to regret wasting the time of so many others, lobbying them that GamerGate is worth a good, hard look.

I wonder what holy hell this update will unleash.


  1. @Kansokusha10 · July 14

    Waiting to hear their side of things, but if it’s true, I’m pretty fucking disappointed in these guys. Haven’t seen eye to eye with you for much of this, but if you ask me here and now I’d say that think you’ve been fair. All things considered, I think I can understand how Oliver feels, but probably can’t condone it.

    • Scott Malcomson · July 14

      Having heard both sides, it appears Koretzky is making mountain ranges from a single molehill.

      “GamerGate is slash and burn. The movement can’t compromise on even the smallest of things.”

      Problem: it was the GG panelists asking for a compromise on this 15-minute issue, and it was Koretzky drawing a line in the sand.

      He has a point, in that yes, news segments have to meet time considerations in order to cover a story. And as many have said, GG has already been quite capable of doing summary reports like this. That’s not even in question.

      So why did Koretzky make a huge deal about it? From what I can tell so far, it’s because HE wanted to turn that 15-minute “presentation” period as though it were a mini-debate. Which means you’re going to hit that 15-minute limit and various issues will inevitably be left hanging in the air.

      If what this was meant as, is GG gets to make its summary case without being interrupted, 15 minutes is fine. There’s another 5 hours plus for Q&A-style discussions.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        This right here.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Koretsky throws a huge online and public tantrum over a passionate and possibly heated private phone call but it’s GamerGate that’s “slash and burn” and “immature”. The cognitive dissonance on display in Koretsky’s post is astounding.

        • IMMentat · July 14

          Summarising gamergate in 15 minutes is possible if tight (long time, lots of events, numerous factual errors and omissions circulated my mass media).
          IMO the main potential issue is that upon summary end further questions could be asked which would then roll over a 15 minute cut-off, teaching is one thing trying to teach an alternate history to the popular theme not so much.

          Still hoping for a good discussion here, I just hope folks don’t let tempers and hasty words get in the way of preparation and debate.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            That’s just it … there’s more than a year’s worth of lies and factual errors to correct. Maybe the format should have been different … a few minutes for each panelist to explain the philosophical side of GamerGate, and a longer time slot to address all the BS claims made by corrupt journalists and the anti-GG crowd over the years.

          • Mark Neil · July 14

            “That’s just it … there’s more than a year’s worth of lies and factual errors to correct”

            But it’s not for the introduction to do that correcting. The 15 minute segment is to explain what Gamergate is, not to plead the entirety of it’s case. There are videos that break it down in 2 minutes or less. Seems to me, Cambell felt his time to speak was getting slashed, and he was complaining he wouldn’t get to hear his own voice for as long as he was hoping.

      • Niklas · July 14

        I fully agree!

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Calbeck, is that you?

    • OkI'lltalk · July 14

      Koretzky, Thanks for your patience and I realise its starting to run thin. I can’t even imagine how its been tested time and time again. I realise that you would feel like you are being taken for granted and that your efforts are not being appreciated. Oliver is an extremely passionate person with so much love for GG and I feel that there is some miscommunication going on that you guys need to talk it out. Just wanted to say thanks for your effort and we are all looking forward to Airplay.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Not sure Koretsky is the right guy for the job though. A panelist disagrees with the time allotment and this unprofessional outburst is the result. Koretsky is clearly unable to keep his cool under pressure. A more experienced journalist would be a better fit for this assignment.

        • Anonymous · July 14

          I don’t disagree with you really, but Oliver constantly freaks out over small things and has publicly shown a propensity for acting exactly as described.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            A professional journalist would have simply kicked him off the panel instead of posting this immature rant.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      see this before you judge the guys

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Awesome video. This post is concerning and questionable.

  2. Luis Dias · July 14

    Take it easy, and please don’t clean inner dirty laundries up in the air like this as if this is ever going to help any matter at all. I’m pretty sure every kind of management of things so controversial as these are are filled with issues and problems, some due to personalities, perhaps due to fears, perhaps due to long time problems of trust with the media and moderators, etc.

    The best procedure is to make the best of it, to ensure your program will stick, and do the best you can to make a productive conversation. If everything else fails, I think the most reasonable people will come up with the most reasonable conclusion about it all.

    All I see coming out of this is some kind of very abrasive portrait of Campbell that will most assuredly be taken to social media and create lots of bad tempers. Was that really necessary? Are you trying to pre-empt some kind of pre-event self-sabotage? I don’t know, you might have your reasons, but this post seems quite ill-advised from the social point of view. I hope it fares better in the management point of view.

    • Jezzer · July 14

      “…abrasive portrait of Campbell…”

      You mean fair? Realistic? Honest?

      • good riddance · July 14

        Hey now, there are SOME days where Campbell doesn’t use twitter to yell aggro tirades at imaginary opponents.

      • Chris Edwards (@ArsVampyre) · July 14

        No, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. Just like you aren’t either.

  3. Erik Christensen · July 14

    Wow. Well this is depressing and disappointing.

    (Good lord, I thought the fifteen minutes was a small amount of time too, but yelling over it? It’s fifteen more minutes than we’ve had so far…)

    • good riddance · July 14

      this is so true:
      “If you can’t explain your movement in two minutes, much less 15, no journalist is going to cover you,”
      If you can’t do it in 5 minutes, you don’t have a movement, you have a mess.

      • Chris Edwards (@ArsVampyre) · July 14

        And if you can’t do it at all, you have snarky comments from behind a pseudonym?

        • David Schlesinger · July 14

          He’s 100% correct, and I’ve been a spokesperson. Fifteen minutes for an overview? Plenty of time, this isn’t the Peloponnesian Wars.

          Happy now?

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Except for the fact it was originally 50 minutes, and the schedule was recently cut down to 15 minutes.

            So it wasn’t so much that Campbell and Ceb were upset it wasn’t expanded. They were wondering why it was being cut down to 15 minutes with no notation. Internet Archives posts show that Koretzsky is either lying or incompetent when it comes to the airplay schedule. Because it was 50 minutes up until the most recent airplay schedule update.

            Oh, and do note that the change wasn’t noted, highlighted or otherwise made clear. So this is a mis-characterization at best of the grievance Campbell/Ceb have, a dishonest near hit-piece at worst.

      • Scott Malcomson · July 14

        Sure, GG can sum it all up in two minutes. But not if they’re going to be interrupted and debated in the process (“but you’re accused of X”). Because in that event, every “but” will have to be addressed.

        • RunTheJules · July 14

          Who’s going to be debating them? Koretzky couldn’t get any of the opposition to show up. Surely for reasons that have nothing to do with all the stuff he talks about above.

          • Scott Malcomson · July 14

            Koretzky has already been debating exactly these “buts” in his updates to this point. Will he be interjecting anything or countering any points made during that 15 minutes?

      • Erik Christensen · July 14

        Yeah, that’s definitely fair. When I originally saw the schedule I assumed it would be a 15 minute discussion, which seemed short. If it’s a 15 minute preplanned pitch, that’s plenty of time, yeah.

        (And yes, I realize you aren’t exactly a supporter, but I agree with your point here)

      • Anonymous · July 14

        What exactly is “so true” about that statement? It’s pretty clear Oliver wanted more time to talk about the history behind GamerGate. That additional context is important. You can sum up just about anything in two minutes but all you will have is some boilerplate BS … the real truth is always in the details.

        • Gary Kertopermono · July 14

          No offense, but there are bigger historical events that can be summed up in five minutes or less with just as much detail.

          If I can’t make a point about something within two paragraphs, and I never make a point about something within two paragraphs, it’s not just a waste of your time, but a waste of mine as well. Which is why I often write more than two paragraphs of lines. It’s what I do, bro, and oftentimes I do it because I like to bullshit a lot, to make myself sound interesting. It’s what most people do when they want to sound interesting, they pad their “speech” or “assay” or whatever it is you’ll be doing.

          GamerGate has two major points that can be summed up in two lines, without any added background, because the background is just an excuse to act like a bunch of SJWs.

          1) GamerGate (supposedly) stands for equality in the video game industry.

          2) GamerGate stands against misinformation or outright corruption in gaming journalism.

          Background written down in two lines. That’s it, nothing more. Now what’s important is trying to make a point across, why GamerGate is good for the gaming community, because so far it hasn’t been looking great on social media, at least with point one, with the harrassments and stuff going around against certain female figures in the gaming industry, or just any figure in any industry at all, be it male, female or transgendered (although screw that last term, if you identify as a certain gender you should be able to be called that gender and not have to call yourself transgendered, but that’s just my opinion).

          Point I’m making is, padding. It’s a great tool, but it also makes you a tool.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Did you actually READ the post you are referring to? Because in it, the poster clearly points out that yes, you can summarize ANYTHING in a few minutes but by leaving out the details of any movement you can even make Hitler look cool. FACTS are important. You make the point that GamerGate has “not been looking good on social media”. So how do you fix that? By deconstructing all the lies and BS with FACTS, in detail, with supporting evidence. Facts aren’t “padding” … if you believe that then you’re the “tool”.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            You’re missing the point. Yes, you can summarize GamerGate in 5 minutes. No, you can’t address the misinformation in 15 minutes. End of story.

  4. Anonymous · July 14

    I’m told campbell has a condition which causes him to be in constant pain. Cut him some slack.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Which is not an excuse to be a total jackass…

      • Anonymous · July 14

        It’s really confusing when I disagree with myself. I feel as if I’m multiple different people.

        • Anonymous · July 14

          Maybe we should see a doctor?

          • Anonymous · July 14


    • Anonymous · July 14

      i have a condition that causes me to be in constant pain. it doesn’t make me as unreasonable as campbell can be.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        if his condition prevents him from functioning socially on this level, then maybe he should have someone else do it.

        • Anonymous · July 14

          He bailed, he’s out. So long airplay.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Then no you don’t.

    • Jezzer · July 14

      Are you sure he doesn’t have a condition that causes him to *be* a constant pain?

      • Scott Malcomson · July 14

        He’s literally not able to put on body weight because his body is burning calories at a hyperactive rate. It can’t be slowed, so his body generally feels like it’s on fire, internally. As one way of putting it. This is why he goes “booming” on a bicycle for 20, 50, 100 miles at a time — he has to burn off the energy. The man looks like a stick made of muscles.

        Your consideration is noted… and I have to wonder if anything he said to Koretzky would be considered remotely sinful if it came from a member of the NAACP being told he has to sum up the NAACP’s history in fifteen minutes. Especially if the NAACP has been reviled in the press for a year as being racist women-haters.

        • RunTheJules · July 14

          Maybe if the NAACP had been reviled that way they wouldn’t be the NAACP, but a group like, I dunno, The Men’s Right’s Movement?

          • Scott Malcomson · July 14

            Thanks for proving the point. -:)

        • pseudonymous · July 14

          I’m fairly sure the NAACP is competent enough to sum up its history in two minutes if needed to. Sum up does not mean “Go into agonizing detail and feel bad because you missed out the bit where their name was chosen at their second conference.” You’d say something like “We were founded in the early 20th Century to deal with increasing problems suffered by African Americans at the hands of a racist establishment. We’ve grown from 40 founding members to a group representing millions of members today, a major force that fought lynchings, disenfranchisement, and Jim Crow. Alas, even with many of the constitutional and legal changes we fought for, we still have much work to do today to combat racism.”

          How long does it take to read that? Is that a fair summary of the NAACP? Now stretch it out to two minutes. Add a few extra details. Did you really add anything by stretching it to two minutes that anyone will care about?

          OK, now stretch out that description to 15 minutes. Here, I’ll help you, go to Wikipedia, and read their NAACP article. That’ll probably take… 15 minutes. But congrats, because huge numbers of your listeners just tuned out after the first two minutes…

          See the problem?

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Is it _butt_ pain? Because if what’s written above is even half true, it’s still incredibly disappointing.

      I’ve been following and contributing to #GamerGate before Baldwin gave it that stupid name, and we’ve come too far and dealt with too much shit to have our representatives pull any ultimatums like this, whatever their intent.

      Put your ego behind you and do the best with this rare chance we’ve been given. Goddamn.

    • Anonymous · July 14


    • Sephirajo · July 14

      I have a condition that causes constant pain. It doesn’t cause me to be an asshole or throw out racial slurs for shits and giggles.

  5. Anonymous · July 14

    I think you’ve been quite fair to GG and the panelists. Hate to say it but I think Oliver overreacted. I can understand why he reacted like that, but still can’t agree with it.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Maybe he had been working on an elaborate presentation that demanded the full hour? Dioramas, improv theatre, pundit speech, interpretive dance… the whole she-bang

  6. Anonymous · July 14

    This is the sad type of stuff that happens when you only really know folks through the Internet.

    I never would have guessed that Campbell and Ceb could be so immature considering how little I knew of them beforehand.

    • @ZenKaneda · July 14

      Same disappointment here.

      I hope they learn enough from this to not repeat the same mistake during the SPJ.

      • @A_Man_In_Tomato · July 14

        Koretzky misrepresented their arguement in this blogpost.

        They complained about:
        1. The schedule being changed as to REDUCE the time allotted to explaining the movement from 50 to 15 minutes.
        2. The GamerGate representatives not being told about this until the last minute, which was the general policy. The speakers were not informed about updates to the schedule, as well as being kept in the dark about most details in general until the latest possible time.
        3. General perceived antagonism in Koretzkys posts.

        Campbell, adccording to what he himself said on the Update discussion, apologized to Koretzky in the hangout for his hot-headedness, while reiterating the criticisms.
        This was also misrepresented by Koretzky.

  7. Stacy Washington · July 14

    I’m not going to lie Mr. Koretzky, I both feel empathy towards you and a feel of frustration towards you. I feel for you, as someone who has been a writer for years, who was interested in GamerGate and wanted to get to the bottom of it, who wanted to hear the truth, and frustration because of the amount of time you gave certain individuals who are probably not the best … hmmm… aspects of the movement.

    Here it is though, people are going to blow up. There is a lot of pressure on these few guys to perform really well and show the world what GamerGate is, and that it’s not some sexist hate group. And sadly, that is a LOT of pressure. Especially for 15 minutes. Oliver is a good guy, I think we both know he is, but that type of reaction is a reaction born of frustration and wanting to do the group proud.

    You don’t have an easy job, and you gave GamerGate the option to chose it’s own voices, which I commend you, but perhaps you should have had a hand in it a bit more. As it is, you have no one from the other side, you have no neutrals at all (we weren’t asked to join), and you have GamerGater members who are under a lot of pressure to fix everything now in 15 minutes.

    I don’t think you were wrong, I think that perhaps you didn’t realise the scope of what you were doing. I just hope that now you may understand just what pressure these young men are under.

    -Stacy Washington AKA @Slyly_Mirabelle

    • Mingo · July 14

      Well said.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Oliver had been prepping his rhetoric & propaganda for months now. If he can’t whittle it to a few minutes he’s not much of a writer or communicator, and best let someone else handle that job.
      Obviously he is under a lot of pressure, but my god he does not need to be coddled as a child.

      • Scott Malcomson · July 14

        The fact that you call it “rhetoric and propaganda” shows just how little concern you have for the issue being heard at all… why would you? You’ve already decided you don’t need to hear anything… Anonymous Person.

        • I am a sexy unicorn woman · July 14

          GG has built their little sideshow up from the beginning. No one outside believes it for a second.
          We’ve heard. OMG have we heard. Gamers are tired of this gg farce.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Hi Sofia

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Gamer here, who are you to speak for me? You may be tired of it but you don’t speak for anyone but yourself.

        • RunTheJules · July 14

          Seems reasonable to me, who cares about ethics in gaming journalism? Might as well be talking about ethics in model train journalism for years on end.

          • Scott Malcomson · July 14

            Thank you for saying the SPJ’s Code of Ethics means nothing to you based on the subject being covered, have a nice day. -:)

    • Voiced (@voicedasrai_ · July 14

      I agree with this.

      Airplay is probably the best thing that can happen for us to actually be heard. I think 15 minutes is a liittle unfair as well, but nothing worth blowing up over as is claimed. I will await what the other side of this says before making my judgements.

      I understand the frustrations as one of the Pro-GG side. There is a TON of pressure for us. Not only do we have to convince people not familiar with Video Games Journalism the seriousness of what happened, but we also need to condense the last 10 months into 15 minutes, and do so in a compelling enough way to grab normal’s attention. And we have exactly one shot to actually get our story out.

      • Scott Malcomson · July 14

        What I’m hearing from the other people in that call, Koretzky is ignoring elements of the call, blowing others out of proportion, and eliminating some entirely.

        This talk is live, right now.

        • Anonymous · July 14

          tbh, the way they are analyzing certain parts mixing in their assumptions and essentially bargaining about eg. own counterproductive behavior is like pot meeting kettle;

          fair enough, I’d probably want to explain my side as well, but I *really* hope this sort of word inflation and excuses that are equivalent of “sorry, but I feel strongly about this” or “it’s been months, understand how angry I am” is not going to be offered at AirPlay; if I feel embarassed by much of what’s being said and how it’s being said, then I can only imagine neutrals…

        • Anonymous · July 14

          4 fucking hours.
          You have got to be kidding me.

    • Scott Malcomson · July 14

      Very well said.

  8. Anonymous · July 14

    You are wrong.

    You are giving a space to harassers and people who have no idea what the word “ethics” even mean.

    Stop this farce, Mike. It’s time to let her die.

    • Grim · July 14

      And that’s why people are touchy, under pressure and reacting badly, because this kind of BS needs to be countered. This doesn’t sound like any of these people, most of whom I’ve gotten to know quite well.

      • Adriano · July 14

        It sounds exactly like every gamergater I’ve had the profound displeasure to ever meet.

        • Fred Schaden · July 14

          The gamergate angry is understandable. When you invest months of your life in a giant stack of lies, it is frustrating to watch it all crumble around you.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Some people have been declaring the death of gamers and Gamergate every couple of months since the movement began. Unfortunately for the corrupt journalists out there, it’s still alive and kicking.

        • Chris Edwards (@ArsVampyre) · July 14

          Troll makes a troll response. Boy, are you guys out in force today.

        • tiredofthisshit · July 14

          Well, this definitely isn’t going to lessen the all the freaking hysteria over the hashtag. I’m a bit disappointed for this turn, but would still love to hear the other side of the story. I’m no journalist, but I’m not sure how you’d explain the past 11 months in 15 minutes to anyone. You can give a summary maybe, but you would need to leave out so much context I don’t think people would really understand. And frankly, if people exploded, I hope you can understand it’s because of the emotional baggage. There’s been so much bullshit flung around during the past year I’m rather surprised these people are still standing vigilant and actively fighting. I’m just a guy who’s been watching it all unfold from the sidelines and I still feel sometimes like flushing all of games journalism down the toilet and nuking the whole fucking Twitter from orbit. It’s a neverending, self-perpetuating shitstorm that refuses to die, because people keep adding to it the whole time. All the useless counter-hashtags and pushing the same bigoted narrative have ever done and will ever do is keep #GG sticking to their guns and validating their struggle. And it’s been the same shit ever since it started. Add a bunch of trolls and a collection of abusive zealots stoking the flames every single day and you have a war nobody’s going to win.

          If there ever was a chance for some peace, this is it. Don’t blow it off. Please.

        • Scott Malcomson · July 14

          “Hello, Adriano, I hear you’re a rapist who murdered a woman in 2004, or at least threatened to. What, you have a problem with that allegation? All the things I’ve heard about you must be true.”

          • David Schlesinger · July 14

            This is a sadly common tactic. So far, I’m an arsonist who runs revenge pornography web sites.

            Inexplicably, I’m walking around free, and the folks making these accusations are all anonymous.

          • Schlumbumbi · July 14

            Holy Moly. Schlesinger aka @StoneMirror – The f you’re doing here? Still hoping to shit on Airplay?

        • xxx · July 14

          You are a loser man, a virgin loser that dreams is going to get some vagina for being a white knight, what a fucking pathetic virgin loser.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Therrrrre it is

        • Anonymous · July 14

          It’s generalizations like these that compound the issue. Thanks for being a terrible human being.

    • Daniel Bollendorf (@EagleScoutDJB) · July 14

      If you believe what you’re saying why do you need to be anonymous? Is it because you know you’re spouting bullshit?

  9. Meerkat · July 14

    “I wonder what holy hell this update will unleash.”

    Quit playing the victim.

    “The movement can’t compromise”

    TIL that ethics is about compromise. It’s okay to sleep with indie developers, just not AAA developers. Compromise.

    “Three grown men couldn’t let me off the phone”

    And another grown man was incapable of hanging up the phone and instead posts a blog about it. You are so much more mature.

    “GamerGate is all-consuming”

    How much time you devoted to this was a personal choice. No one held a gun to your head. Maybe link your patreon next.

    I’m not condoning the behavior of the three you described, but yours isn’t much better.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      This guy fucking get’s it. Lay off Oliver until you have something other than this lazy fuck’s word for it.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        …he’s not, though?

    • Anonymous · July 14

      You sound mad.
      Also, I’d argue that morality does factor in some kind of compromise; you’re not being very ethical yourself (because of how mad you are), but you chose to balance that against how much you believe in this cause. It’s a kind of compromise, something that everyone does.

      Koretzky’s post sounds like that of a hurt lover. Because he believed in us, and now learned in the worst way that some people will hurt you. Not all of us, just some truly reactionary divas. But from his perspective, it looks like we’re pulling the same tricks as the SJWs. If we want to win, there can be no excuses; we can’t be just as good as they are, we have to be _better._ We can’t just tie: to make a change, we have to win.

      • Fred Schaden · July 14

        “If we want to win, there can be no excuses; we can’t be just as good as they are, we have to be _better._ We can’t just tie: to make a change, we have to win.”

        What does this nonsense even mean?

        • Chris Edwards (@ArsVampyre) · July 14

          That you can’t read at a 5th grade level?

          • Fred Schaden · July 14

            “we need to win” makes zero sense. You have nothing to win, the game itself is perpetuated just by childish bullshit and a vast lack of understanding of ethics.
            Grow up.

  10. Chronisch Unbegabt · July 14

    Hey Michael. I totally agree with your stance on the 15 Minutes. An hour is wa~y to much to keep people interested and focused. This whole yelling and not letting you off the phone part feels pretty embarrasing. I expected much better of them and I’m shocked that none of the other two raised his voice and ended Campbells tirade… he fucked this one up big time…

  11. Anonymous · July 14

    sighhhhhhh. I had a problem with your harassment tweet, but i think campbell crossed the line on this one. This is just so disheartening =/. Campbell is definitely emotional, and sometimes it’s great, but other times it’s an absolute bitch. I will expect to hear their side of the story, but you’ve been generally extremely fair and extremely patient these past few months. I’m a new junkie and I entirely understand why you can only devote 15 minutes. Hell i am even impressed. The fact that he would resort to such name calling is unthinkable…

  12. Joss · July 14

    maybe it sounds like you’re over-reacting to three douchebags out of 50,000.

    • Jezzer · July 14

      The other 49,997 douchebags really aren’t any better.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        [Citation needed]

    • good riddance · July 14

      These were the 3 lord douchebags, shiny and chrome, voted forth from the soggy masses to SPEAK AND BE HEARD!

      • John Cobalt · July 14

        and… now they think they aren’t being heard.

    • RunTheJules · July 14

      They were elected representatives. These are supposed to be three of the best that gamergate has.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Please point me to where they were “elected” to be on the panel. I’d like to read up on it.

    • David Schlesinger · July 14

      These were supposed to be your MAIN DOODZ, dude.

      • Schlumbumbi · July 14

        No they weren’t. They were chosen to represent the cause. They do not represent the people, and they’re not leader figures.

        • Shell · July 14

          Please explain how “chosen to represent the cause” =/= “represent the people” =/= “leader figures”?

          ‘Cause in RealityLand, we call those SYNONYMS.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Because nobody elected them? Because they can’t represent people who didn’t pick them? They volunteered themselves. There was no vote. There was no mass decision by gg. That’s how.

  13. masterninja · July 14

    Honestly I have been very critical of airplay as I felt like it was another setup..I am still very critical considering the updates seemed to focus on things #gamergate wasn’t about.With that being said however…

    If this is really what happened then I think they treated you unfairly in this instance. So for that you have my sympathy as I don’t consider that kind of behavior to be very respectful…

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Koretzky’s been a dishonest lazy fuck, so a really doubt it went down just the way he says.

      • jj · July 14

        troll go home

  14. no · July 14

    I’m a GGer, but… who is Oliver Campbell?

    I mean, frankly, I don’t know who this guy is either, except that he’s the author of this piece.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Kortezky is the author of this piece. Campbell is a failed video games journalist.

      • Chris Edwards (@ArsVampyre) · July 14

        And by failed, he means honest.

        • Anonymous · July 14

          No, he means failed. There are plenty of honest journos who are still in the business, but GG knows jack shit about journalism or honesty, so it’s expected that you’d come in here and Dunning-Kruger all over the place.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            pick one and only one

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Name one.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Are you 2 years old?

  15. Grim · July 14

    What this sounds like, Mr K, is the betrayal everyone on the GG side has been expecting from you and that I’ve spent considerable time disarming and convincing people to continue to give you a chance.

    15 minutes isn’t enough to cover the history and it is very important to give a context. A compromise might have been a briefing document but the history is necessary to understand everything.

    All these people have been making even more effort than I have been to convince people this is a worthwhile endeavour, an effort you’ve just managed to utterly undermine.

    Compromise is possible, but eventually there’s not much more you can give. People have been demanding compromise from GG but not reciprocating for some time.

    Fixing problems isn’t immaturity, cutting and running after creating a problem and leaving the big boys to clean it up after you is pretty immature.

    Yes, it is consuming, because it’s a big issue and even more so it’s a single battleground in the much larger culture war. It’s going to take effort. Perhaps you’re learning – as many have – that this multibillion dollar industry isn’t so trivial after all.

    Maybe you should have tried to smooth things over before posting this.

    If you need a mediator perhaps I could offer my services as a fresh face and figure out where things got twisted.

    • Jezzer · July 14


    • Anonymous · July 14

      “People have been demanding compromise from GG but not reciprocating for some time.”

      This is a recurring theme with AirPlay. One that I – and funnily enough also Oliver – have noted from rather early-on. At least as far back as that ridiculous notion about GG having to apologize for all the harassment.

      While antiGG refuses to even attend the event, GG has spent months now trying to make this happen, doing just about anything that was asked for – even when we felt it was utterly stupid to ask of us but not of them. And once more GG is asked to compromise.

      But I guess at least it’s not hypocritically favouring one side this time …

    • David Schlesinger · July 14


      Seriously, pal, troll better.

    • Hoi · July 14

      If you listened to any part of the stream in which Campbell talked at length about feeling like a house nigger due to the GamerGate committee or putting his dick on the table several times over the course of hours, nothing Koretzsky claims sounds outlandish.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      This coming from a guy who argued with a twitter bot for several posts before you finally figured it out.

      Jimmy Dean the Sausage King, ladies and gentlemen, who has written such wonderful articles as “Rape is a Fucking Awesome Plot Device” and who had his pro-GG card game pulled from DriveThruRPG.

  16. Anonymous · July 14

    To preface this: I wasn’t there when this all went down, so I might be missing some things here. That said:

    Allum deciding – from the looks rather arbitrarily – to alter the lineup is a big deal. It’s certainly not your fault, but it is a major grievance with the way things are going right now.

    As for pinpointing the contours of GG … I have to agree with Oliver. I probably wouldn’t be quite as dramatic about it, but comprehensively describing a controversy that has gone on for a year with constantly slanted coverage cannot be done in 15 minutes. Not without losing a lot of nuance – making us little better than the people who are still comparing us to nazis to this very day.

    I certainly do understand that the general public doesn’t want to hear an hour of that, but such a decision just once more supports my stance that AirPlay is not going to be particularly constructive.

    And now to wait for the other side of this nasty thing to make their statements …

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Airplay was never about letting gamergate spread it’s confused message of ethics and SJWs, it was a way to sit you down in front of experts who can point out repeatedly that you have no concept of what ethics actually is.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Sorry buddy, you’re not the one who decides what Airplay is about. Anti-GG isn’t even attending because they know their position is indefensible. All they can do is hide in their echo chamber and hope Gamergate doesn’t get any more victories.

        • RunTheJules · July 14

          have fun on 8chan

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Have fun at recess.

  17. David Schlesinger · July 14

    GOLLY. Now, you don’t even have HALF a debate, buddy.

  18. Monk_The_Punk · July 14

    Why are you making a private matter public? This is between you and the participants, and as facilitator you should be willing to discuss with them reasonably rather than complaining about them on your blog. You are a professional that has dealt with the KKK and you should reasonably be able to handle someone that seems to be extremely stressed out at the moment. While I have no way to know one way or another if your claims are true, I will say that Oliver is right in a few regards. The introduction to this program is of vital importance. Many journalists are unwilling to do the research necessary to look into why GG started in the first place, and that would explain that from their own mouths. After countless articles we’ve seen discussing how GG was a hate group started to harass Quinn, it would be reasonable to understand some want to clear that up, however you have shown time and again that you refuse to budge with us. You were bending over backwards for people that were to be sat opposite, up to and including paying their way and giving them speakers fees, while GG has given you the time, patience, money, and even support for you however don’t seem to care at all and this is extremely worrisome. You have been rude on many occasions such as this post, discussing a private matter in public in order to shame the other party, and honestly everyone deserves an apology from you, especially when Oliver stuck his neck out for you.

    • bigtallguy · July 14

      considering it threatens the entire event he has spent quite a shitload of time working on, as well as an event that easily tens of thousands of people are looking forward to, i feel like its fair game to air it out. it may be true though that he left out some parts of the story, so i will wait til i hear olivers side of the story.

      • good riddnace · July 14

        “an event that easily tens of thousands of people are looking forward to”


        • grumbunkie · July 14

          I hope they all show up to watch these guys fight for mike time before at least one storms off because he can’t out yell the others.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        So after “putting in all that effort” Koretsky throws an embarrassing public tantrum over a private disagreement about the allotted time panelists will have and THAT will get things back on track, right? *facepalm*

    • good riddnace · July 14

      “After countless articles we’ve seen discussing how GG was a hate group started to harass Quinn, it would be reasonable to understand some want to clear that up”

      Ahhh the ethics of trying to rewrite history, bury all of the logs, and deny everything that actually happened and was verified. Good job, gg.

      • John Cobalt · July 14

        The logs where the one guy who wanted to make it about ZQ gets banned.

        • RunTheJules · July 14

          No the one where the joke about driving her to suicide, ask her boyfriend questions about their sex life, openly refer to ethics as a smokescreen, and our good friend Allum Bokhari talks about collaborating with the white supremacist chan board /pol/. Oh and “that one guy” was Slade Villena, who was kicked out for advocating illegal black hat hacking and still remained a prominent figure in gamergate until he was permabanned from twitter for sending death threats.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            What a hot mess of conspiratorial aggro word spaghetti. I’m reminded of the maxim “it takes ten times the effort to refute obvious bullshit than to create it.”
            This is why fifteen minutes is a garbage time limit. There is so. much. stupid. crap. out there.

  19. RandomSupporter#T · July 14

    Everyone else is still wrong. They assume everyone involved with GamerGate acts like Campbell did during your phone call and you personally know that isn’t true. The truth lies somewhere in the middle like many proponents of GamerGate have been saying since the beginning.

    I have to say, as a GG supporter who has been silently following all of this since the very beginning, I’m disappointed as fuck over Campbell’s behavior. We’re supposed to be seeking the facts here, just because he feels one way doesn’t mean what he’s saying is true and deep down he is supposed to know this. Realz over feelz, Campbell. You’re correct, Koretzky, if they can’t explain it in 15 minutes then journalists won’t be interested.

  20. Advocationist · July 14

    I think you’ve done a really good job of creating clear guidelines and sticking to them. I’ve sat in on some of those streams, and I understood why everyone was so gun-shy.

    But the time for being gun-shy is over. It’s time to tell the truth and let people decide. I don’t think any reasonable person would look at this arrangement and say that it’s unfair or inadequate.

    I’ve been a staunch GG supporter for a long time. Not as long as some, but *much* longer than many. That doesn’t make me special, but I’m watching how this develops very closely and if I am, many people in the same position as me likely are too. These people are not zealots, but believe strongly in many of the issues GamerGate has brought to light. They are people that use the group to *help* identify people of like mind who can inform and support as they work these things out.

    That said, make no mistake that those issues and opposition to them did not begin nor will end with a hashtag. GamerGate as a group characteristic has been useful in that it’s given many of these causes the influence that comes with being part of a collective with similar goals. That collective could fracture. Any collective can fracture.

    There has been much talk of late about what “GamerGate” *should* stand for, *should* do or not do. Much of it is meaningless and is actually accelerating polarization from within. One thing remains true.

    What GamerGate *should* do, is stand by the people it’s chosen to represent it (who should in turn stand by their commitments), and put up. Anti-GamerGate has already proved they will not or can not. That surprises no one.

    GamerGate doing the same would surprise me and many like me, possibly for the last time.

  21. Mr Bones · July 14

    There’s nothing more hypocritical than a thin-skinned journalist.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Yes there is. A thin-skinned bully.

  22. Targa · July 14

    GamerGate supporter here, this is massively disappointing to hear, your comments above are only difficult to dispute, they are impossible to not sympathise with. Maybe, this is just the validation of GamerGate rejecting leaders beyond the we’re all leaders line, and the resistance it had in putting forward a panel like this in the first place, even if I support the idea of representatives for out reach its maybe clear that the selection process is flawed. Especially disappointed in Oliver, but before I can fully condemn this I suppose I have to here the side. Keep on trucking Koretzky – unless, your flat out lying which seems massively unlikely this is disgraceful behaviour.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Um how is it difficult to dispute. We’ve read something that only has one source. It’s very easy to dispute.

  23. good riddance · July 14

    So many people learn the hard way that it is the toxicity that gamergate is built on.
    Some people want REALLY HARD to believe that this wasn’t a pure foundation of harassment and bullshit and lies, but everyone seems to come to that conclusion eventually.
    Thank god the small cadre of gamers that were in gg at one point have mostly abandoned this mess and moved on. Now all that’s left are e-celeb opportunists , politico non-gamers looking for more followers / book sales, and a frothing crowd of anti-feminists from all stripes.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Concern troll harder bro. GG is less prone to eat its own (and neutrals). You will see this be resolved. Airplay is still going to happen so QQ more.

    • Chris Edwards (@ArsVampyre) · July 14

      Buzzword salad indicates a strong kool-aid flavor. Of course, you’re a troll. All your comments are trollish. What a surprise.

  24. A_Man_In_Tomato · July 14

    What is it with people never letting something sit for a day, and then look for conversation with the other side, but instead always publishing blogs about the stuff?

    This blog post does not have the potential to do anything to resolve this situation between you and Campbell.

    People sometimes miscommunicate, and sometimes they get mad, that is not a big deal. One or two days later, when their heads have cooled off, they can come together again, and resolve the conflict.
    But not when one of them makes a whiny blog post about it.

    He acted like a child in the stream supposedly, but you acted even more immature by handling the situation like this.

    • @A_Man_In_Tomato · July 14

      After listening to Campbells side of the story,
      I question most of what you write here.

      Campbells concerns are legitimate,
      and while he admits to having been openly mad about them,
      he also says that he apologized to you on the stream.

      I feel bad for trusting you on the facts after reading this post for the first time.

      My conclusion: NEVER trust a journalist. ALWAYS verify for yourself.

  25. Mark Samenfink (@MSamenfink) · July 14

    I’m going to assume this call wasn’t public. These people have also not publicly aired these grievances on twitter. I’m going to do the responsible thing, and wait until I hear their side, or better yet listen to/stream the call, before I assume that these people who seemed to have enough control over their faculties to not go public with these grievaces also had enough control to maybe not have behaved as unreasonably as you’re making out here.

    That part, regarding “Last night’s call being exactly like what some antis told me GG is like”. Well, we both know thousands upon thousands of uncompromising children with no leaders would destroy each other in days on minor and stupid disagreements, so the first two are likely derived from individual conversations, or from our rejection of incredibly foolish statements made by those parties and subsequent mockery of their positions.
    However, that third one. There’s truth in that. I have lived this controversy since the original and much smaller group of people who did Burgers and Fries, and it has consumed a tremendous amount of my time, and energy. We are Gamers, and we don’t stop until we’ve won. Anyway, when that sort of thing isn’t how your brain works then we probably come off as incomprehensibly hyper-engaged.

  26. Anonymous · July 14

    Let’s all keep balancing our passion with rationality. Sorry to hear the bad news. I’m sure others will write long explanations and justifications for each “side” but it’s probably better not to dwell on it endless. I hope mutual respect and civility can be restored quickly. Disagreements are a healthy part of GamerGate that keeps it alive. Break downs in communication aren’t helpful though.

    To Koretzky: you are still very much appreciated for all the work you have put in as a true neutral. Much respect.

    To GG panel guys: I don’t really have anything to say. No point in making a big deal. I trust cooler heads will prevail in future.

  27. wormsby · July 14

    Any of you guys who didn’t know Campbell was a short fuse, self-aggrandizing conspiracy theorist prone to shrieking, unhinged rants should be ashamed of yourself.

    Any of you guys who didn’t know Allum Bokhari was an underhanded fuck who would leak confidential information into IRCs and play all sides and such? Get smarter.

    You’re just lucky this shit didn’t happen on the stage. You can still flail around and try to do damage control.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Better concern trolling here. Set backs happen, people have flaws and make mistakes. The stage is a goal. Gamers achieve their goals.

    • good riddance · July 14

      “You’re just lucky this shit didn’t happen on the stage.”

      PESSIMIST! There is still a GOOD CHANCE we might get the chance for this childish tirade to be released on a stage and broadcast live!
      I wish I could donate to have extra cameras pointed at the SPJ ethicists there watching and enduring it to take in every pained facial expression in realtime as grown adults rant and rave about feminism and SJWs being inherently unethical and ruining THEIR vidya.

  28. Sight Unseen · July 14

    I’m not sure what compelled Oliver and the others of reacting so harshly. I’ve personally believed for a while that you’ve been giving too much attention to the “harassment narrative” and the crazy anti-gamers and getting distracted from what our real issue was which is ethical journalism. But I’ve still always felt that you’ve tried hard to be fair and civil with both sides, even if I disagree with your approach.

    I hope Oliver and Co. smarten up and apologise and act like the professionals I’ve always thought they were. Airplay may not be the perfect venue we’d want it to be but it’s the first time we’ve been given a suitable platform to speak openly at all, and that alone is an opportunity that I hope isn’t wasted because of a few people’s egos.

  29. Norman Doering · July 14

    You sound quite reasonable here and I am afraid it’s Oliver who sounds unreasonable.

    I am beginning to wonder if he was a good choice. I did not expect this kind of behavior from him. Perhaps he should be replaced? I think a certain level of emotional detachment is required and if he can’t pull that off, then he shouldn’t be presenting the case. Oliver was, on twitter, one the better people at emotionally motivating others — but perhaps he is too motivated, too emotional.

    Still, I have yet to hear his side of it.

  30. The Deuce · July 14

    So, sounds like maybe Oliver overreacted (though I’d like to hear his side), but bad on you making it public when he hasn’t. It sounds like he’s at least as emotional about this as you are Koretzky, but he didn’t drag this out in public to slime you. Weren’t you just getting onto the POS known as Stonemirror for making emails public the other day? I hope Airplay doesn’t get cancelled over this, but really bad show, frankly.

  31. Not this again · July 14

    Dear Airplay guy,
    GG doesn’t compromise because the compromise demanded of it is that we agree that we are all woman hating racist mysogonists who are part of a secret society to destroy women. Every single one of us – Man, woman, transgendered individual, black, asian, hispanic.

    • wormsby · July 14

      Made up persecution complexes like these are why the real world will always think you guys are stupid and unhinged.

      Oh also shrieking shitfits like Oliver’s.

      • Not this again · July 14

        Made up? Wander on over to /r/gamerghazi, any twitter feed of key agg figures, or any news site associated with Gawker / Jezebelle.

        I have facts. You’re just being a troll. Good luck with that.

        • grumbunkie · July 14

          Facts? Oh, do tell, do tell.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            So, how about that time ZQ asked a friend to dox a lawyer?

          • Duh · July 14

            He said that the poster was making things up.

            Here is proof that he isn’t. Straight from the aGG’s mouth.


      • Chris Edwards (@ArsVampyre) · July 14

        Made up persecution complexes, followed by stereotypical insults, ignoring attempts to get congess to declare free-speech and ethical journalism advocates terrorists akin to ISIS. Nope, persecution complex is completely unreasonable.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Projection much?

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Another thing you don’t seem to compromise on is that you be given 15 minutes instead of an hour to introduce your position.

      The more I see from GG the more I realize that it really does have nothing to do with women or gays or whatever. It has everything to do with a bunch of people who overreact with enthusiasm and struggle to accept that the world is not all about them. The target of the tantrum is coincidental.

      • KDulius · July 14

        Except it was the Airplay guy that wouldn’t compromise

  32. Targa · July 14

    Live stream with Campbell and others addressing this article, only started to watch it myself so I have no comment – thought it best to just post it here soonest though.

  33. James · July 14

    what you have to understand is that GG’s opponents have been throwing terms like house nigger in GG’s face since the beginning, while also claiming that GG is pretty much pure evil. So Oliver’s been dehumanized, Degraded and denied his very agency for almost a year now. That sort of abuse will wear a person down, regardless of how strong they are. And while Gamergate can be friendly and fun but there’s a heck of a lot of anger over all this as well. It’s likely Oliver wanted his chance to call them out on this behavior, to have his voice heard. It’s something that can’t really be summed up in 15 minutes. Decide for yourself whether his anger is justified but understand where it’s coming from.

    • Little K · July 14

      While that is understandable, I think maybe folks all have a mixed idea of what AirPlay is about?

      I’m GG and having an hour long panel on what GG is sounds ridiculous, when our specific issues and experiences can be used throughout the day during all the discussions on ethics. Our experiences and the way the press have treated us can be used to give context to some of our ethical concerns or if we wanted to raise any questions regarding what is ethical and right when reporting on a controversy such as GG…

    • wormsby · July 14

      Made up persecution complexes like these are why the real world will always think you guys are stupid and unhinged.

      Oh also shrieking shitfits like Oliver’s.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Nice cut and paste. Go some where else, tell

  34. Little K · July 14

    Haven’t read their side of this yet, but atm I’m feeling like some folks could do with eating a Snickers.

    We should have had more smaller names or unknowns going.

    • Erik Christensen · July 14

      Yeah, I don’t really have a good strategy for having made this happen, but I do feel like the quieter people in GG are the people I’d most like to hear from (I am, quite obviously, a bit biased here).

      • Little K · July 14

        Same here! I appreciate all that the louder, bigger voices have done for us, but it sounds like for some they’re having trouble focusing on the bigger picture instead of what is personal to them about gg… The quiet, take in and observe types who haven’t made a name for themselves in all this may be better at being objective and explaining what gg is for outside discussion, imo 🙂

  35. Gayle36 · July 14

    Bit disappointed in GG members here. What I will say in their defense, if anything can be, is that these are frustrated people who have had LIES spread about them for the past 11 months.

    Finally it felt like a chance to get our side across only to realise that that has to be done in 15mins when the lies have taken up a time span of 11 months. I can understand the frustration that this doesn’t seem fair but I know that’s completely your fault.

    I think GG were just glad that they are being given this chance to show that most of what has been said about us in untrue. For someone to give us a platform to speak which can’t be covered in lies / cherry-picked to make us look bad.

    To feel that that is not necessarily what will happen here because of a short time span is INCREDIBLY frusrating. That’s where the emotion is coming. Not excusing things – just explaining it to an outsider. Thanks

    • Gayle36 · July 14

      completely NOT your fault was what I meant to say at the end of the 2nd paragraph. That reads badly and it’s not what I meant. Sorry Mike.

  36. /v/agrent Anon · July 14

    Honestly I think 15 minutes is enough to give a basic outline of what GG is. Its not going to cover everything but I would much rather more time be used to discuss what has occurred in the gaming journalism industry then dedicate more time to stroking GamerGate’s ego.

    Yea a lot of shit has happened in the past year. In the end I care significantly less about how GamerGate is remembered then I care about the Game Journalism Industry getting fixed so stupid shit like what happened to Brad Wardell doesn’t happen again.

    • Little K · July 14


      It would be a real shame if we let GG’s xp this last year overshadow the major ethical breaches that the media has done and are *still doing*. I’d too rather justice for individuals like wardell, than waste time clearing the name of a largely anonymous group of people. If games media don’t get to use GG as a scapegoat to keep their industry perks and ad-revenue after all this, that will be a pleasant bonus 🙂

  37. Adam · July 14

    If only someone had warned you.

    • good riddnace · July 14

      I feel so silly for not saying anything…

  38. VTXShiva · July 14

    So what was that about strong character? Staunch supporter of whatever it is you’re a staunch supporter of?
    In addition you’re speaking on a private conversation? Pointing fingers like a child, rubbing yourself off of any guilt or implication?
    I’m still not understanding where you’re going with this….

    It smells fishy, very fishy. And this article doesn’t inspire any good faith in… anything really.
    What really bothers me however isn’t who is guilty and who isn’t. It’s this “update’s” existence. Because it looks too much like something I’ve been reading for too long the past months. “I want to make this work…but those barbarians”
    I hope you can settle it like the adults you are. Assuming you are both/all adults….

  39. Chris Edwards (@ArsVampyre) · July 14

    I can’t answer for anyone else.

    You say the panel was selected by ‘the community’, but it wasn’t. It was selected by a committee. Who chose that committee? I don’t know. Regardless, having no say either way, why fight it.

    Now, you say Oliver is angry about someone making the decisions regarding the line-up without consulting him. I don’t know the specifics, but is this the ‘community’ that is made up of a committee that I don’t know how it was selected? I’m guessing you selected it, therefore sort of making it representation of your opinion on who represents gamergate, yes? Feel free to correct me, I admit to knowing nothing about this process.

    Your panelists don’t think you can adequately explain Gamergate in 15 minutes; if you can’t understand it after months, how can anyone after 15 minutes? Does the Pro-gamergate panel get to decide all of that material? Who gets to question it? Were you willing to negotiate at all, perhaps 15 minutes to explain and 15 minutes for questions or something? I admit, this is your format, but what is your desire out of this, your motivation? Because it doesn’t look like it’s the truth, to be honest. I do understand the practical implications, and your opinion that 1 hour is excessive for journalists, while seemingly adding to a low opinion of the attention span and intellectual capacity of journalists (It’s a joke), seems reasonable, perhaps there is a happier medium where everyone can be satisfied?

    And given that Oliver is on the panel, why is he not included on being allowed to ‘preview’ your updates when others on the panel are? I’m confused about the distinction and why it upsets you when Oliver shared it with no one else (to my knowledge; I know he didn’t make it publicly available before your release). And given that this was going to be public speech anyway, I think it’s concerning that you’re overly concerned about your trust being violated while you ridicule Oliver using your recollection of what I presume was a private call.

    Finally, you cap it off with what sounds distinctly like threats. “Do it my way or I’ll attack your reputations, cancel your chancel to address my criticisms, and label you with the hateful labels I’m currently labeling you with anyway.”

    I can understand their reluctance. You’ve had different rules for the ‘sides’ since the beginning and made no effort to address the discrepancies, and in doing so you appear to have picked a ‘side’ before your ‘debate’ even started. You’ve been directly abused by those ‘Anti-gamergate’ that you’ve contacted on twitter, yet continually you put the focus on Gamergate for even the slightest of issues.

    I want this to go well, as much for you as for us, but frankly, I get where Oliver comes from; there’s a very ‘beaten wife syndrome’ feel about this, where we’re expected to keep coming back while you abuse us and then promise you’ll make it all better at Airplay, because we’re ‘finally’ getting our chance to speak.

    To be honest, Oliver has a lot more riding on this than most of us, and he’s put a lot more time, effort, and blood into it than we have. To me, this is as much his baby as yours. Perhaps I’m expecting too much, but having heard their concerns, did you attempt to address them? Perhaps negotiate with them to something more reasonable for both parties than 15 minutes flat or 60 minutes?

    I’m one guy. I work, I take care of my family, I volunteer in my community; this is just one thing among a myriad of others in which I’m involved, and unlike many I can afford to use my real name because my employer makes me virtually untouchable, and my family holds a better opinion of me than to think maybe I’m a terrorist because I like to play games on my computer at night. Maybe my opinion doesn’t matter to you; that’s fine. I’m patient and resourceful. I and my fellow gamers out lasted the ‘moral majority’ when they tried to shut down gaming. We out lasted Jack Thompson. We’ll outlast this too.

    I want to work with the SPJ; I support what it nominally stands for. Now is the time for you to show me it’s more than just words. You’re threatening us with silencing us because you don’t like the way you were spoken to. I didn’t speak to you that way so I won’t apologize for it, but I’m not going to apologize for you either. This entire update is, quite frankly, immature and vindictive in nature, and if I had to guess, posted in the heat of anger and not after cool reflection, much like Oliver’s response to you.

    So let me offer this; take a moment, a day, whatever it takes, get calm and rational again, decide what your motive is, and talk to the involved parties about their motives and who you can work together so you all get what you want. There’s no reason everyone can’t get what they want with reasonable compromise. I tell everyone in Gamergate this, so I’ll give you the same advice. You need to do what’s best for you. If this is too much for you, pass it off to someone else, or cancel it if you must. Just be honest about it. If there’s one thing I’ve continued to give you cred it for, it’s that I think you’ve been honest. I don’t think you’ve been fair, or reasonable, but you’ve been honest. Don’t change now in anger.

    I would have emailed this, but I felt it needed to be said publicly. I’m a relative nobody, but if I can help, I will.

    Be well and prosper, whatever decision you make.

    • David Ferrie · July 14

      “Your panelists don’t think you can adequately explain Gamergate in 15 minutes; if you can’t understand it after months, how can anyone after 15 minutes?”

      Oh man, why don’t you fuckin’ stop it? Shit, this is too fuckin’ big for you, you know that? Who did the death threats, who harassed Zoe, fuck man! It’s a mystery! It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! The fuckin’ doxxers don’t even know!

      • Joe Sislack · July 14

        I love the best way to counter a point is to be a nonsensical snarky ass about it.

        • David Ferrie · July 14

          They’ll get to you too. They’ll destroy you. They’re untouchable, man.

        • Scott Malcomson · July 14

          Kind of like this update, which makes a mountain of accusations and character-assassination out of a difference of 45 minutes.

      • Chris Edwards (@ArsVampyre) · July 14

        Maybe you did, David. I know I didn’t, nor anyone using the Gamergate hashtag more than once (and rarely even that). There’s as much evidence tying you directly to it as their is any of us.

        • David Ferrie · July 14

          Man, you don’t leave the Hashtag. Once you’re in they got you for life!

    • RunTheJules · July 14

      Jack Thompson is pro-gamergate

  40. Scott Malcomson · July 14

    So if a black man says that a white man makes them feel like a “house nigger”, the black man is acting badly and should stop saying such things.

    So if the press has messed up the narrative so badly that it will take more than 15 minutes to sort it out, too bad.

    We can “sum up GamerGate in two minutes, sure” — yet because folks LIKE Koretzky refuse to allow it to stand at that point without saying “but”, more time will be needed to address all the “buts” being raised BY THE PRESS.

    If the press doesn’t want to spend more than two minutes on the debate, then they’re being unethical by insisting THEY get to dismiss the debate without giving time for response.

    • good riddance · July 14

      If you can’t sum your movement up in 15 minutes you are a failure as a communicator. And as a movement.
      If you think he wanted the debate to be 2 minuets long you failed at reading the post.

      • Scott Malcomson · July 14

        You apparently didn’t read the post you’re responding to.

        “We can ‘sum up GamerGate in two minutes, sure’ — yet because folks LIKE Koretzky refuse to allow it to stand at that point without saying “but”, more time will be needed to address all the “buts” being raised BY THE PRESS.”

        If GG is required to limit itself to 15 minutes in this opener, then GG cannot be interrupted or debated in the process, because they are presenting their opening statements as though in front of a court. You want to bring up “but GG is accused of”, and you’ll instantly create a debate that WON’T be resolved in 15 minutes without cutting people off.

        • RunTheJules · July 14

          I’m sorry that people aren’t uncritically swallowing your story whole without doing any research of their own. I guess that ethics stuff is a real buzzkill.

          • Anonumous · July 14

            uhhhh ethics only applies to VIDEO GAME JOURNALISTS.
            OK, and video game reviewers, who are kind of journalists maybe? We’re not really sure what journalism is really.
            And cultural critics, because fuck them, amirite? Goddamn unethical feminists…

            But not us, gamergate doesn’t need to be ethical.

      • Chris Edwards (@ArsVampyre) · July 14

        We summed it up, in a video, in 60 seconds and that was too difficult for you.

    • Anon13 · July 14

      If a black man who is a representative of a movement suspected by many to be racist and sexist cries about being a ‘house nigger’ to the press, then that black man is a fool, plain and simple. Why you would rant and rave to a neutral reporter and expect it not to make headlines is beyond me.

  41. unsafeideas · July 14

    I would say, if one person throws temper tamtrum and refuses to go, then he does not go. Preferably the side of conflict that lost it and got insulting first. We will know to trust him less next time representation is needed.

    That is not catastrophe. That is just person having temper tamtrum not going, because panels without temper tamtrum throwing people tend to be more reasonable.

    • best baldwin · July 14

      Could Adam Baldwin replace him?

  42. @livebeef · July 14


    I suppose there’s some confusion on the “investigative journalism” part when you’ve shown clear interest in hearing about verifiable police report reports for criminal activities taken to intimidate “GamerGaters”.

    Nevertheless, I do ask for understanding. From your perspective, you’ve put in a phenomenal amount of time and effort. Not everyone sees that. It’s the nature of a decentralized group that information dissemination isn’t consistent.

  43. Anonymous · July 14

    Well some people aren’t surprised about these developments…

    • Anonymous · July 14

      You mean the ones that don’t do any research?

  44. oldmanbees · July 14

    This is quite the uncharitable tantrum over–let’s see if I have all the nuances in order here–having to manage one guy’s: Oliver Campbell’s feelings. He was volatile and needed some reassurance (after getting slammed and smeared constantly for nearly a year) and this meager burden causes you to flip the hell out and make this big ugly stink over it.

    Buddy, if you are this thin-skinned, you are not the person for this job. Consider bowing out *gracefully,* as opposed to…this…*thing* you’re doing here. There’s no room for (more) drama queens in what is already a theater.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      I’ve read what Oliver has had to say for months and you might be mistaken about who is thin-skinned here.

      • oldmanbees · July 14

        I never said Oliver isn’t thin-skinned. In fact, you can see right here I said he was “volatile.” However, Koretsky is *also* being incredibly thin-skinned. How many times now has he threatened to bail due to trivial nonsense? That’s either bad faith or a distinct lack of intestinal fortitude.

        But thanks for your input, anonymous.

  45. Scott Malcomson · July 14

    “GamerGate is slash and burn… GamerGate is immature… GamerGate is all-consuming…”

    You came up with this, because there was serious pushback against your own demand for a “bumper-sticker version” of a story — a story which started out complicated, and which the press’ own coverage to date made needlessly MORE complicated.

    You’re seriously making these claims over a difference of 45 minutes, at a panel dedicated to hearing out the people you’re pointing fingers at, because they’re annoyed at not being heard out.

  46. Kiltmanenator · July 14

    Well, I gotta say I’m disappointed. Campbell sounds like he’s spilling the spaghetti, which is an embarrassment. I’m going to want to hear what he has to say about this, but more importantly I want to hear what Ceb and Bokhari have to say.

    I REALLY need more context on the house-nigger, slave-driver, wife-ass-kicking comments though. It’s disappointing not to get the full context on that.

    Als….to be honest I’m more than just a miffed at your reduction of an entire movement to three bullet points based on the behavior of three dudes (or rather, the description of the behavior of three dudes whose responses I have not yet heard).

    1. Slash and burn: I’m 100% fine with only 15 minutes, and I am positive I’m not the only one. I’m sure there are plenty of people willing to compromise.

    2. Immature. I’m not comfortable with buying your explanation for why they felt it needed to be resolved /right now/. It could be because the three of them are immature turds, but what I’m not seeing in this post is any kind of recognition that you might have something to do with it. Generally, if I see dirty laundry being aired I like to get as much info as possible. I’ve got a lot of sympathy for you, but calling three men immature for not “letting you off the phone” could easily be interpreted as evidence that you are immature for not being able to end a conversation even in the face of three people who don’t want to end it.

    3. GG IS all-consuming. You’ve done a bitchin job so far, but people like Campbell have been at this for almost a year. That might have something to do with it. I honestly can’t say for sure. Again, I’ll have to wait to hear from the three involved.


    All in all this is just very disappointing news to hear and I’m mostly disappointed with the panelists. WTF, guys?

    Everyone involved is under a LOT of stress (especially the proGG panelists) to perform.

    Oliver’s violation of trust is about the only thing I find truly necessary to share

    15 minutes is goddamn plenty of time.

    Keep up the hard work. Please know your efforts are appreciated by MANY and I very much look forward to seeing the event.

  47. derp · July 14

    You know what? I’m really getting tired of your whining, Koretzky. Every single update, you’ve been parroting one shitty narrative or the other. Even if that narrative came from a person you seem to consider a child molester yourself.

    Guess what? This isn’t about you. Gamergate is doing just fine without your panel, and your approval, or lack thereof, is pretty meaningless.

    We’ve been grilled on Colbert report already, and we are still here.

    You’re no Colbert. You’re a middle-aged, self-employed college drop-out, who seems to be latching on a controversy. Because frankly, I don’t see the connection between this whole thing and “jazz journalism”.

    I appreciate the effort you’re putting in this, even though your motivation may not merely be an interest in ethics…but don’t underestimate just how irrelevant you are to Gamergate as a whole.

    If you think threatening to cancel this panel, as you’ve done before, would give you any kind of leverage, I’m afraid you’re mistaken.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      “We’ve been grilled on Colbert report already, and we are still here. ”


      • -.- · July 14

        Anita was on Colbert Report, you can guess how that went. Muh soggy knee…

        • Anonymous · July 14

          Anita is gamergate? What?
          How was gamergate grilled on Colbert?

          • Anonymous · July 14

            Watch it. She was talking about Gamergate in particular. Colbert gave her a platform to soapbox her views on Gamergate, and as you might have guessed, they weren’t benevolent.

          • -.- · July 14

            Watch it. She was talking about Gamergate in particular. Colbert gave her a platform to soapbox her views on Gamergate, and as you might have guessed, they weren’t benevolent.

    • RunTheJules · July 14

      Sure would be a shame if unethical journalists with no connection to gaming latched on to this controversy. Maybe like some anti-feminist guys from Brietbart, I dunno.

  48. Cherry's touch (@tastenotouch) · July 14

    I am deeply disappointed in and embarrassed by my fellow gamergate supporters.

    It is and was clear that some serious ethical violations and corrupt practices have been going on in the gaming press. This is actively hurting the game industry and developers.

    And we’re failing developers when we do this badly.

    I know us gamergate supporters are really good at digging and research. We tend to be not so good at distilling that to short, easy to understand messages. Complexity is kinda our thing.

    But this is a rather disappointing development. I’ve supported gamergate since early days and I will continue to support it. Some of the unethical press needs to be held accountable and maybe, some of us need to learn some things about communicating in a way that doesn’t antagonize people.

    Love. Don’t give up yet, koretzky. Man up and apologize, Campbell.

  49. Arronax82 · July 14

    I think you’ve been fair to GG so far. Campbell overreacting shouldnt endanger the whole SPJAirplay just because you are doubting yourself because of him. And i’m not defending Campbell here because he wasnt my pick. But i roll with it because i’m happy GG has been given the chance to speak to journalists for the fist time in a an enviroment where only facts count, not feels.

    “Maybe everyone else was right and I was wrong.”

    That is yet to see and, if ever, should be a result of the discussion at SPJAirplay.

  50. @_Thurinn · July 14

    Koretzy if you wanted a professional atmosphere I’m going to be blunt, you would’ve been fired from this project since you outted Srhbutts whilst condemning #GamerGate for doing the same thing. You’re a walking PR disator nightmare mate and I’m not saying this to dig at you, I’m being blunt because this is yet another blog where you point the finger at others whilst doing the same thing yourself.

    Your heart is the right place and I respect that but this is getting silly.

    You say people are acting unprofessionally and if this is true, they are, yet you bring it out on a blog instead of by email. When did you read something like this about say Comiccon or E3? Never, Koretzy because they’re professional and they keep any infighting too the people who can do something about it, like PR agents and managers.

    #GamerGate isn’t a PR firm.

    #GamerGate isn’t a company.

    #GamerGate is a hashtag, that’s it.

    YOUR the professional here, seeing as your supposed to be in a society of PROFESSIONAL journalism. Look, I feel bad if you’ve had allot of grief and I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes trying to organize it I really feel for you but I got to tell you straight, because this is not what I expect from a group that pride themselves on being professional, more so when they tell others to be professional.

    This is what I expect from you when it comes to blogs/updates.

    1. Who’s going
    2. What day it’s on.
    3. Any problems with funding and what needs to covered.

    That’s it. It’s boring but that’s all I expect, no drama just if the event is still going and if there are any problems that I can potentially deal with and no, drama and waggling my finger at Oliver over something petty.
    Maybe you got the wrong of the stick Koretzy and you’ve just embarrassed yourself and Oliver in front of god knows how many people!

    We appreciate transparency but within reason, we don’t need to know your opinions on Srhbutts or any #GamerGate critic for that matter, you can say what you want after or during the panel but all this achieving is pissing people off and not in the “I’m challenging their views!” kind of way.

    Jesus christ people, get your shit together, it’s embarrassing.

    • Dot · July 14

      People should read this post. He is absolutely right. Staying professional would have avoided a lot of problems.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Staying professional would have benefited GG from August onward… But they didn’t want accountability and ethics, they wanted the shitlord mob harassment game.

  51. Anonymous · July 14

    If journalists can’t stay awake for more than 15 minutes to focus on understanding an issue they’ve been reporting on for quite a while, that explains a lot about the state the organized media is in.

    • Scott Malcomson · July 14

      The very reason it’s bigger than a 15-minute story is because the press has been blowing it out of proportion and derailing it for most of a year now.

    • RunTheJules · July 14

      AFAIK no journalists who have been covering gamergate will be at this thing. Most likely it will be a few students from the area.

  52. Truth · July 14

    A couple conspiracy theorists got honked off when you wouldn’t indulge their insanity. What a shocker.

    • Truther than Truth · July 14

      There is no conspiracy here you shill. Feminists and SJWs are the definition of corruption, and if you care about ETHICS than they need to go. End of story.
      Sorry this doesn’t fit your simple “big money media” narrative.

      • RunTheJules · July 14

        I literally can’t tell if this a joke or serious. I’ve heard gamergaters say way crazier stuff and mean it.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      And the idea that a large collective of people gathered together to chase out women from video games for not apperent reason, even though said collective of people is made up of men AND women of various backgrounds,races,genders,etc, DOESN’T sound like a big conspiracy? :v

  53. Anonymous · July 14

    If Oliver Campbell drops out, are there any more Breitbart writers we could get? They are the only ones that are brave enough to tell the truth about us.
    Has anyone redpilled Ann Coulter on gamergate yet? She’d be great.

    • Little K · July 14

      Just gonna throw archon in as a suggestion again. He’s not gg so much as he knows what’s up on the online media business side of things, as well as the dubious ethics of so-called “progressives”.

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Maybe Mundane Matt? He has similar important credentials, right?

    • RunTheJules · July 14

      This is the second post in a row that I have read that I can’t tell if it is a joke or not.

      • hat trick · July 14

        Go back to your Lamestream Media, shill. REAL journalists are at work.

    • Dusk · July 14

      Sorry, look, I’m a GG supporter but I wouldn’t want Coulter anywhere near this. Was there a reason why Milo couldn’t attend? I thought he’d be an obvious choice (Thought he was attending at that).

      • hat trick · July 14

        Dammit, is Milo not attending now? If it was Milo and Ann Coulter, that’d be the one-two punch to end all of this SJW bullshit once and for all!
        Who the fuck cares if Coulter isn’t a gamer? Neither is Sommers. All they need to do is talk about the ROOT of the issue, and I think we all know what that is.
        Ethics can only be arrived at by purging unethical ideologies.

  54. Anonymous · July 14

    While I can understand both sides here, you both need to grow up, it’s a huge event, for me this event is the one that could potentially give a release and shed some light to the uninitiated that just because I support Gamergate does not mean I support violence, harassment or hate campaigns, the only thing I support as a gamergater is a disclosure of conflicts of interest when telling people how to spend their money, I also do not appreciate the mass media saying that I’m a misogynist, rapist, sexist narcissistic murderer, I’m tired of the Jack Thompson style arguments being made and the fact that people who consider these games as art pieces call for them to also be censored, and besides even if they weren’t art why the hell should they be censored? anyways was hoping SPJ Airplay was going to be the event that finally vented my frustrations with events surrounding gaming & finally validated gamergate as an actual consumer revolt rather than the outright slander that the media managed to arouse.

  55. Forest Phelps · July 14

    I’m not going to cancel AirPlay, but my own enthusiasm sure has taken a hit.

    That’s been my stance on this whole situation since you reached out to jay allen and nyberg. Whatever will be will be, but I no longer give a shit really.

  56. Little K · July 14

    We’ve had GG explained in neat infographics and 1 minute long videos. 15 minutes is an eternity, nevermind one hour!

  57. johan · July 14

    So just because one guy on the panel gets a little upset (and then apologizes), you’re considering writing us all off? There’s a lot of pressure on these guys, and Koretsky too, we’ve all been working together for a long time now, let’s see this thing through.

  58. Primal · July 14

    Dude, you are dealing with people who have been consistently messed with for months and months; who have had every shred of good faith ripped from them; who are literally beset on all sides and are never allowed the chance to speak their truth – and you expect them to be chill?

    They aren’t chill. They are on edge. They are an abused dog waiting for the next kick. And you should respect that when you are dealing with them.

    • GoonZL · July 14

      True. But he hasn’t been treated to a first class suite either. That’s why it’s understandable this has happened.

      Anti-GGs have been very active in trying to belittle and disrupt his event. I don’t think I’m wrong in assuming that even most neutrals haven’t been exactly encouraging of his endeavor. Some Gators have given him a hard time too. So the responsibility to keep a cool head falls on all the parties involved.

  59. GoonZL · July 14

    I don’t think this episode of unfortunate events warrants a post, but I understand where the writer comes from.

    Despite what has happened in this months-long drama, Mr. Koretzky has tried very hard to get to know all the sides of this controversy and has been very active in engaging a wide range of people. Oliver may be under pressure, but so is Mr, Koretzky, which is apparent from this post that not only the dishonest anti-GG folk, but even some of his peers have been discouraging him from organizing and hosting this event. All that hostility will get through to you even if you have crocodile skin.

    I don’t like this panel one bit. I don’t have high hopes of them doing much to convince people who already have a negative perception of GamerGate. That should not stop us though. This is not a popularity contest. The recent Playboy joke of an article and the embarrassing series of articles from various media outlets about teenagers’ preferences based on a highly questionable survey confirms that a watchdog is needed.

    This unfortunate incident isn’t a big issue, but I’m sorry that both parties came out of it hurt.

    I know we have the right to be cynical bastards given the amount of crap unfairly tossed our way, but remember that Mr. Koretzky does not owe us anything. If anything, regardless of his personal stance on the issue, we have to applaud him for at least trying to engage us and give us a platform to clarify our position.

    I hope this does not escalate beyond a small misunderstanding resulting from frustration and pressure.

    Best of luck for everyone involved.

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  61. LAUGHING · July 14

    Not sure what’s more hilarious:

    – Ollie proving himself incapable of airing grievances without resorting to bombastically maudlin rhetoric
    – A self-defined libertarian I’ve never heard of acting exactly how I would imagine a slimy libertarian to act
    – A bunch of people throwing a year long tantrum about other people’s private lives suddenly getting up in arms about the recounting of a private (group) conversation
    – The weirdo slowly making his way through the comments, trying to smarm or insult anyone who displeases him

    GG, you so funny when ain’t so infuriatingly sad.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Haha. No one is taking your stupid bait.

      • GoonZL · July 14

        Anti-GG are not only failures in life, they can’t even troll competently.

  62. Scott Malcomson · July 14

    Koretzky’s response, claiming that GG as a whole is now represented by this one minor conflict in scheduling, is also exactly what GGers have been saying all along about not having formal leadership. It’s because anything negative a leader does will be used as a propaganda coup to attack the entire movement as a whole.

    And we have also been very clear that NONE of these people are “leaders”, they have been picked solely because Airplay’s format does not allow for a “town hall” style where loads of GG rank-and-file can show and be heard out. They are “representatives” only in that they are well-versed on the movement and can articulate it… yet here is Koretzky claiming all manner of things against the movement as a whole over a matter of 15 minutes.

    I find it particularly strange that it’s alleged GAMERGATE can’t “compromise” — because this whole thing is over a 15-minute limit which Koretzky openly states is not open to compromise.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      And yet, so many GGers keep parrotting “Oliver, you represent us, act like it!” or talk about the panelists as spokespeople for GG … We said this from the very first announcement about AirPlay: We don’t pick representatives.

      But of course, everyone bent over backwards to appease Koretzky and make sure AirPlay happened. In part because people like Oliver proclaimed AirPlay as the be-all-end-all of GamerGate.

      • Scott Malcomson · July 14

        He’s said the exact opposite. I don’t know where you got that from.

  63. New_Versailles · July 14

    Koretzky – Campbell has a tendency to get emotional at times. Having heard both sides now, he was clearly in the wrong, so please know that many of us are embarrassed for him and disappointed. Keep in mind many of these “e-celebrities” lack formal training and experience and tend to be more obsessive than run-of-the-mill GamerGate supporters, who are by-and-large everyday people with other obligations on their time. I hope Campbell will apologize and begin acting like a professional so he can represent us well, and I hope you will accept his apology if he does.

    • VTXShiva · July 14

      “he was clearly in the wrong” then continue to talk about “e-celebs” 11 months in, Oliver being Oliver every day. and somehow him stating things how they are, once again as he usually does, is now a problem. I’m not embarrassed by Oliver, I’m not even embarrassed by Koretzky, I’m embarrassed by people like you who not only lack the spine to stand by their convictions but have the nerve to “excuse” others for their actions. Your icon shouldn’t be that of a king, it should be that of a peasant.
      “excuse him my lord, he stepped out of line. He’ll do better. Don’t throw us all into jail, we’re innocent”. Pathetic.

      • New_Versailles · July 14

        I stand by my convictions. What I don’t stand by is someone from my side spazzing out over details and making us all look bad by association. I’m not some social justice cultist who will excuse unprofessional behavior in the name of solidarity. Campbell fucked up. He should apologize for it. The end.

  64. Jakconstantine · July 14

    To be honest I’m going to listen both sides before make a full judgement.

    Problem is here saying Gamergate is immature is just plain stupid. Not just because it’s untrue, but just because you had a fallout with ONE PERSON. Also 15 minutes I agree it’s way too short. Almost 11 months in and to fit that in within 15 minutes is just crazy. Ok 1 hour could be too much, so I would say fit it in the middle between 30-40 mins.

    I think some of this is way overreacting, but then again hard to say cause I never heard the calls, talks and arguments, so as I said above I can’t fully judge this.

  65. Dot · July 14


    First: I thank you for even taking the time and your patience. You’ve spend more time on this than you had to and I can respect that.

    That said, I wish you’d have listened to people that told you right from the start that you are allocating your time completely wrong. Instead of addressing dozens of peoples tweets every other day, getting on streams where you are absolutely not prepared yet, you should have used that time to look into what happened at the beginning of GamerGate and what journalists reported on it. You’d have gotten a much better understanding to why GamerGate reacts like it does. Why GamerGate is so cautious towards people not familiar with gaming, games media and what happened in the past few years. That would have completely changed your approach to GamerGate and in the end everything that happened in the past 2-3 months that led to people criticizing you.

    I see what you are trying to do with Airplay, but it seems to be extremely half-assed. You are trying to establish a platform for future similar discussions, but that won’t work if you half-ass this first major example of an internet revolt.

    If you’d have spend the time arguing with trolls on twitter on let’s say looking at the topics at /r/KotakuInAction, you’d have easily seen what is important and how media not even related to gaming journalism is handling reporting on controversial topics nowadays. The latest example was that 20+ websites took the results of an online survey, accessible to everyone, but especially shared on biased platforms, taken and run by the general media without fact checking or questioning anything and reporting on it as if it’s a scientific study. Random people on the internet have to fact-check and dig to verify these reports and call those journalists out. What saddens me, that most don’t even update their articles after they got called out for running a hit piece.

    A big thing that GamerGate wanted was to tell people what it is about on an official platform. Yes, 15 minutes might be enough to explain GamerGate. But is it enough for people to understand what happened that lead to it, to understand why this is happening? Absolutely not. Without understanding it, these 15 minutes are wasted.

    The panel from 1-3 pm, “How should the media cover GamerGate and online controversies like it?” Is easily answerable. If you report on something. Get all the data. Get the facts. Get opinions from both ends. Report neutrality. Don’t try to force that gender or racism is the reason, when it’s evidently not, since the participants are of all genders and races. I don’t understand how this panel needs that much time when the answers are obvious. Hell, they are already written in your ethics policy. You just need journalists to adhere them. You are absolutely wrong if you think this is limited to enthusiasts media. That shit is every where. This is not something GamerGate specific. Why is so much time dedicated to it? It’s a general issue. GamerGate is a gigantic community that revolted against these practices because the very people that should have been the bridge between us and game developers (publishers) are the ones that called us dead. That ridiculed and slandered it’s own audience. That even tried to influence it’s industry against the what it’s actual consumers want. That is why we’re standing up to this. No where else would a magazine call his readers racists, misogynists, bigots, assholes, shitlords, etc. and try to influence the industry that much.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      “Why GamerGate is so cautious towards people not familiar with gaming”

      The panel is more non-gamers than gamers. GamerGate LOVES people not familiar with gaming, as long as they are anti-feminist.

  66. Anonymous · July 14

    “Campbell admitted he’d read these AirPlay updates before they were posted. […]
    All I asked in return: Don’t show these updates to anyone else. Apparently, at least one was shared on a Google Hangout. Maybe others, too.”

    Oliver Campbell was COLLUDING.
    #gamergate is through with him now. Time to ditch this unethical embarrassment. This is HUGE.

    • Scott Malcomson · July 14

      Colluding with the event organizer on a scheduling concern for an event he’s appearing at.

      Yeah, that’s called scheduling issues. Have you never been involved in organizing an event? What made you think scheduling concerns amount to an ethical failing?

      Oh wait, you’re just being sarcastic. Sorry! -:)

  67. Anonymous · July 14

    An open letter for Mr. Michael Koretzky

    “Gamergate is slash and burn, Gamergate is immature, Gamergate is all-consuming.”

    Well thank you, Mr. Koretzky, for making judgemental calls on the thousands of people in support of journalistic ethics based on a single interaction with three men which you yourself described as uncharacteristic. Please remember that our speakers were elected out of necessity, and are not in any way “leaders” of a “movement.” Because they have publicity and qualifications, it is easiest to rally behind them and get a voice heard by people who would otherwise ignore or overlook us.

    I’ve bit my tongue over these blog posts of yours in the past, and I recognize how difficult it must be to act impartially towards a name that has been the subject of so much negativity. However, I think there is one point you continually fail to grasp that ultimately is our biggest source of contention, and it’s made brazenly clear every time you speak.

    We aren’t “Gamergaters” Mr. Koretzky. We’re people. Incredibly different from one another in many facets. Some are well behaved, some not so much at times. Some people are rude, others are polite. There never was a club that you joined to become a “Gamergater.” When you call us that, or refer to us as a group derived of individuality, you are dehumanizing thousands of people. I am not a part of this amorphous monster you are having second thoughts about. You’ve never met me, or heard me before now. I am not opposed to compromise. I did not hold you hostage via a phone-call. It was you that took on the task of addressing this topic, and while you may have only meant it as a light project to waste time, for people like me, it’s been nearly 10 months of constant slander from all walks of media, and abuse from those they lied to. If you find it consuming, it’s because this is important.

    That said, ultimately it doesn’t matter what you think of the people crying out for someone to take notice of our plight. I was under the impression this conference was to discuss journalistic ethics. Even if we were every bit the monsters you’re told we are, would that give you are reason to not take a look at the gaming journalists? Would it absolve them of any impropriety? I would say no matter who it is ringing the bell, it still should be looked into. Objectively and impartially.

    These blog posts of yours, Mr. Koretzky, make me question your ability to do so as much as you are questioning my authenticity. But I don’t have any options here.
    I have to rely on the people we selected as panelists to speak on my behalf. I have to rely on the SPJ to listen on the behalf of the people who should be listening. If I could show up in person and bring the discussion to you myself, I would. But I can’t.
    So I’m counting on you, just like every one of the thousands of people, both anonymous and identifiable, whose only relation to one another is this mess called #Gamergate. Please be fair.

    -An ordinary person

  68. Yet Another Leader · July 14

    There is a lot of bad drama going around at the moment, but I just want to chime in with some positivity. It may have a little brown nosing, but it seems like you need some cheering up, Mr. Koretzky.

    Keep your head up and march forward. Don’t get disheartened. Oliver’s extremely passionate. He wears his emotions on his shoulder, meaning he often shoots first and asks questions later. He is a fantastic ally, and he will come around. It takes time. Don’t be disparaged.

    There’s a lot of “divide and conquer” insanity going on at the moment, but you need to focus on AirPlay planning. Don’t get dragged into our drama. It doesn’t help you. I personally have no quarrel with the AirPlay’s day plan and how it’s going to go down.

    Chin up, Mr. Koretzky. Hang in there and keep pushing forward. Not long now! 31 days to go right? You need to let us sort out this drama. We can be pretty good at cooling each others’ heads in times of epic crises, so leave it to us.

    You’ve been fair, made concessions, and done your best. The speakers are all settled and everything’s almost in place. The most important thing to do now is detail the logistics, including:

    -Security/police presence: to deter any radicals from either side doing something crazy like pulling fire alarm mid-event. Trust me, some of our detractors really are that looney.
    -Equipment available to use: projector, screen, microphones, etc.
    -Number of livestream channels available and whether the streams will last the entire day/event: Can any pro-GG attendees live-stream the event themselves? (not the speakers–just someone in attendance in the crowd)
    -Details of full format of event. You’ve given some details, but a full formal write up of how it’s gonna go down would be great. Easier to link to is a single link. Meaning full breakdown and stuff.
    -What happens when the event ends; SPJ consideration, report, etc. Would like to know this.

    You’ve played no favors to either side, in my opinion. But yeah since it’s literally a month away, focus on logistics planning and update us on that. Don’t get suckered in to the drama. It’s what the antis and naysayers want. They want to see GG ruined along with your reputation in tatters, and the SPJ itself seen as a laughing stock. I, however, do not want to see any of that at all.

    I want to see AirPlay happen. I want to be part of deciding how online controversies should be covered. I want to help remedy the rampant corruption in the games press and getting mainstream journalists to look into what’s going on instead of just listening and believing their cohorts. I want to help write a proper definition of truth which describes GG, and put the current one into the garbage. I want to see you, Mr. Koretzky, succeed and show your SPJ associates that GG isn’t bad by any means, and that your MASSIVE gamble in listening to us and giving us a platform was worth it. I want to see you be held up by the SPJ as the man who bravely thought to second guess GG’s current narrative, and seek truth. You can do it, Mr. Koretzky.

    I think AirPlay is gonna be fun to watch! I don’t think I’m the only one who believes that either!

    Chin up, Mr. Koretzky! You can do it! 🙂

    • Yet Another Leader · July 14

      Oh yeah and I also want to add a few things.

      1. Once we get this little er… dilemma… sorted, you take some time to yourself. Relax. Chill out. Take it easy. Hang out with friends/family. Have a barbecue! Watch some movies! Play games! We’ve been at this 11 months, and one of the key things in every new GG /v/ thread is to not burn out. You seem like you’re burning out, so take a few days off–two or three days. Turn off GG from your head for 2-3 days. Come back fresh and ready for action! Burning out can lead to what we call “sperging out on GG” which can lead to turning on GG itself. Seeing your bullet points there, I can tell you’re suffering from burn out symptoms. So, take it easy, man. Don’t over-do it!

      2. You are NOT wrong, but you’re not right either. You are delving into something that hasn’t been done before. There’s no blueprint to go off of–you’re mapping the blueprint! You are bound to make mistakes, but don’t let that discourage you! You’re writing the book on how to do this, and if it goes well (and I hope it does!), others will use it as precedent! Chin up! You must retain your confidence as a trailblazer!

      3. YOUR HEART IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!!! Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise! If your heart wasn’t in the right place, would you have even questioned the current GG narrative? I don’t think so, and that’s why I think your heart is indeed in the right place!!

      4. Never take anything GG says personally. I mean yes, AirPlay is your baby/pet project, and I’m sure it probably stings to see people shit on it no matter what you do, but try not to be damaged by it. It’s what the detractors want. They want you to doubt yourself and be in a shitty mood about it. Don’t let them have their way!

      5. [MOST CRITICAL WHEN WORKING WITH GG AS A WHOLE] Try to work with GamerGate in reaching a general consensus when deciding crucial plans of AirPlay. Example follows…

      You (thinking in your head): “In the morning before we even begin, we should get a proper definition of GamerGate. How much time would they need though? I should ask on Twitter through a Strawpoll.”

      You then get on (website) and create a poll asking how much time GG as a collective believes they need to establish a proper definiton to replace the current bogus one. Create options like… 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Wait 24 hours before using the results (24 hours is good since GG is global). If the result attained is 15 minutes, for example, then you say all right we’re gonna take 15 minutes in the beginning to let GG’s representatives establish a proper definition. You’ll still get people disagreeing, but the collective itself has reached a consensus through that poll.

      The same thing can be applied for formatting the event and how the day is divided. It’s just my recommendation, but it’s the best way to have the least amount of hatred thrown your way.

      Anyways, like I keep saying: chin up, march forward, and don’t push yourself too hard. 🙂

  69. @GG_SunTzu · July 14

    Ok, at this point in time what is the point of AirPlay? What is the point of having everyone meet up, in person, to talk about anything?

    The core issue with GamerGate, and an issue constantly attacked by our proponents, are the ethical concerns GG brought up 11 months ago.

    Frankly, all the SPJ really needs to do is look at the accusations made by GamerGate and then explain whether or not they do indeed violate journalistic ethical practices.

    A simple: “This accusation is not unethical, here’s why. This accusation is unethical, here’s why.”

    There you go. That’s all the SPJ needs to do really. Yes, everyone will still go on twitter to scream about the whole issue but that’s not the SPJ’s concern.

    Seriously, can we just get a look at the ethical violations we’ve brought up? That’s all that’s needed.

  70. synonymous_dreams · July 14

    I can some up gamergate in less than 2 minutes and just about 2 sentences.

    “journalism is not about activism. Journalists shouldn’t abuse their public platform to push their own interests but report on the truth. When journalism becomes an activist’s platform, the journalist becomes a propagandist”.

    “Gamergate (in more ways than one and sometimes half than others) is a collection of people who’ve had enough of propagandists, liars and cheats in the GAMES media.”

    See. Pretty easy.

  71. derpy · July 14

    “If they refuse to go, I’ll turn off the cameras.”

    You’ve already threatened to cancle the event altogether, it’s getting boring.

    Besides, come on, we both know you won’t!

    You used be be a small, but professional journalist. Now all you’re writing for is your own website and blog.

    This event is as close to “15 minutes of fame” for you as it gets, the more controversy, the better for you.

    So, allow me to call your bluff: Go ahead, cancel it, and go back to your career as a 50-year-old professional blogger. I don’t believe it.

    • Scott Malcomson · July 14

      Of course GG is coming. We paid for it. We put the time aside. We have nothing to gain by staying home.

  72. Anonymous · July 14

    Would be really nice if the panel could simply present the evidence collected over the past year of all the COIs committed by Kotaku, Polygon, et al and let it speak for itself. Why does drama always have to complicate the issue? If Oliver is going to derail that, maybe he should stay home that day.

  73. NCLanceman · July 14

    Come on everyone, take a deep breath and calm down.

    Oliver Campbell doesn’t represent all of Gamergate, that’s the whole point of having more than one panelist in the first place. Second, this kind of petty drama doesn’t need to be aired in public, but since it has we all need to take a deep breath and approach this with calmer heads. I’m sure most if not all of the panelists can learn to live with the time limit, and given the time allotted (both the time from now to AirPlay and the fifteen minute intro itself), I’m sure the case can be stated.

    I’m still excited for this panel, but what we need to keep in mind is that Gamergate is a grassroots thing and not many of us are professionals at this sort of legit debating thing. Some amount of high school level makeshift team project related drama is to be expected. That being said, unlike high school, we’re adults now and given a bit of time, calmer heads will prevail.

    I hope you and the panelists can keep an open line of dialogue going in the future, and I look forward to the event.

  74. terpos · July 14

    Considering there were over 17 articles released just the other day on just one bunk study by Rosalind Wiseman about pushing the feminist narrative, and over a dozen articles on how Ellen Pao was fired because “misogynists”, gamergate has good reason not to trust the press. From time magazine to the new york times, they all have been willing to smear certain groups and push certain ideological agendas with no concern for the truth.
    But yes, nice try on baiting so you can bail.

  75. Michael · July 14

    And now you know why we don’t want to have leaders.

    Michael, take it from someone who was opposed to AirPlay from the get go, especially with the procedure to chose the panelists, you are absolutely right on this one.

    It’s not Gamergate in general, we’re just consumers telling some people that we’re done paying them for their insults towards us.
    Your problem are e-celebs. They repeatedly spilled their spaghetti before, as soon as they get on one of their self-importance trips, things go downhill.

    I hated your guts when you went on us like you were the UN dealing with some retarded middle-east confict but this one is not your fault, it’s ours.


  76. Anonymous · July 14

    Holy fuck. That’s a whole ‘nother level of spaghetti.

  77. Arjen · July 14

    Sounds a lot like you’re playing some minor out-of-context event up for drama. How can you make such sweeping statements about the entirety of #GamerGate based on that? Are you a professional journalist or not?

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Between the hashtag fights, the horrid stuff on 8chan, all the subreddit drama, and the e-celeb spaghetti, how is he supposed to arrive at any other conclusion about gamergate?
      What is it supposed to be based on?
      And as a professional journalist, should he be ignoring ALL of that other stuff to just present the most sanitized version possible?

  78. Shane Phillips · July 14

    Look at the s***storm he took from aGGros when he announced this, and he didn’t make a big song and dance about that. Perhaps Oliver’s reaction was a bit strong, but I’d be peed of if I had wrote 15 minutes of material and had to start again from scratch as well. It’s hard to condense a movement as far reaching as GG into 2 minutes. People watch hour long content all the time, I just don’t think Koretsky wants to do the legwork.

    I’m afraid this is probably just going to be another one of those moments where we can’t make our point properly, we get shat on from a great height, and nobody listens. I’m starting to have serious questions about Koretsky’s neutrality.

    • Dot · July 14

      We are given 15 minutes, not 2. We want more than 15 minutes though, because it’s hard to make an audience, completely unfamiliar to the topic, understand what happened. Those 15 minutes wouldn’t even allow for people to ask questions if they didn’t understand something or something wasn’t clear enough. It’s just not enough.

      Yes, you can explain GG in 15 minutes, but again, will your audience understand it? Will they move on, knowing what lead to this year long revolt? Will that be enough for all the other panels that are happening the rest of the day? Why is such an important topic only granted 15 minutes?

      • Anonymous · July 14

        Is that 15 minutes per person? Or 15 minutes to be divided up.

  79. cat · July 14

    Still looking forward to this discussion. Never give up the ship!

  80. This is silly as fuck. I could make the argument for Gamergate and destroy all of my antigg opponents in 15 minutes (or less) if we just cut through all the bullshit and pin them down on direct fallacious arguments. No gish galloping, apologist, “we’ll have to look that up later”, and “let’s agree to disagree on that term” bullshit. Grow up and have an actual fucking debate and stop being a whiny cunt about it. If people want more time and both sides are okay with it- and hey, people watched a 2 hour documentary about literally anything (have you checked the ‘documentary’ list on netflix?), so I think they can spend more than 15 minutes on gamergate’s history, narrative, or side of the story especially if they are seeking out an event such as airplay or that’s gamergate related (debates, video blogs, etc.)

  81. fauvhan · July 14

    You know, I am starting to wonder how did you manage to evolve a skin which can change its thickness on demand.

    Wasting time on a call and arguing over some, in retrospect, inconsequential bull (though Campbell forgetting he’s a guest offers a pathetic spectacle on its own) = a drama-filled update and rhetorical questions, either lecturing your audience or assuming you have non-GG crowds you can perform for.

    Being repeatedly insulted, misrepresented and walked over by certain nobodies trying to insert themselves as “aGG” on twitter = apologies, clarifications, explanations, excuses, then *finally* finding some backbone and publishing an email showing stonemirror has issues with reading comprehension and fabrications. As if no one knew.

    What’s your superhero name? Skinshifter?

  82. Anonymous · July 14

    GG is like a pimply face of impotent rage, with each boil a cauldron of emotions just waiting to pop. This has happened to every single “leader” GG has set up (Internet Aristocrat, King Of Pol, the various moderators of the GG boards), and will happen to every single future leader. GG is simply not capable of keeping their emotions in check, and constantly makes the mistake that it claims the other side makes; putting their feelings above reality and facts. If there is a case to make, it is lost in the noise of anger, self-righteousness, and persistent victim complex. Rather than accept these criticisms, GG has embraced its flaws, even as the grievous faults destroy every opportunity it can hope to have any legitimacy or opportunity to “discuss the facts”. I question whether GG even remembers these facts or is capable of explaining them, or if they are just the paranoid echos of a bully who has been bullied by someone more powerful, better, than them. If there was ever a legitimate GG, it is gone, and the parody is all that remains.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      That seemed emotional and full of impotent rage

  83. Mario Cooper · July 14

    I cannot help but notice a sudden shift among the comments. It feels as though the winds of change have blown through!

    For a substantial amount of time, I cannot recall SPJ Airplay getting any attention at all amongst those who think “GG is a joke” or that “GG is a farce,” and I certainly did not see such opinions enunciated in the SPJ Airplay comment section.

    Now that the “non-existent group” that some might dub “aGG” have been offered an opportunity to speak, but ultimately declined, and the Airplay event is going on without them, the kooks have descended.

    Compare the comments below this blogpost to the comments below earlier ones to see what I mean. The “farce” that is #GamerGate will still have a platform and will still have the opportunity to argue their points.

    That bothers some people. I wonder why…?

  84. Greg · July 14

    I’ve been a silent observer of GamerGate since roughly last October. I am not an active supporter, but I do tend to agree with a few of their fundamental positions. I am not too familiar with Bokhari and Ceb, but I have spent a lot of time listening to this Campbell fellow yammering on ad nauseum on various Youtube hangouts over the last 4 months, about essentially nothing real at all, and have grown entirely fatigued and disgusted with GamerGate primarily because of him.

    I don’t know why their “community” chose him as one of their key spokespersons, but the fact that they did choose him speaks volumes to me. And what it tells me, is that my gut feeling is probably correct: It’s never been “about” what it’s “about”.

    • H. Guderian · July 14

      Loud people get votes.
      Even the potential aGG panelists were the loud ones with little to cotnribute.

    • Dot · July 14

      What is it about? Please answer seriously.

    • Erik Christensen · July 14

      Imho, the problem is that what I consider the most interesting aspects of GamerGate are largely about skepticism, wariness of groupthink, and the virtue of not being overly committed to a particular belief system. There are plenty of other GamerGates, and I’m interested in some of those aspects as well, but this is what I personally think is the really interesting part.

      Unfortunately, people who champion skepticism, wariness, and fear of groupthink don’t tend to gather crowds very easily. Crowds tend to be gathered when a bunch of people think the same things and are extremely certain about something. On top of that, people like this are probably going to criticize their own side an awful lot.

      So this necessarily is the part of GG that has fewer people rallying around specific leaders. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it may not mesh with the format of this event particularly well (though I do think some of the speakers represent this aspect pretty well). In order to get at this part, someone needs to be willing to talk to the quieter aspects of GG.

  85. H. Guderian · July 14

    I followed Oliver Campbell on Twitter for awhile to keep up on news and events on Gamergate. He posted near-full-essays daily. I know he’s quite passionate about the subject, but his frequency to fly off into a rant and drum up a bunch of anger over smaller issues is much overdone.

    I, and perhaps other Gamergaters, wish for nothing more than Airplay to go ahead so some can reach possible closure( Though the ride never ends, etc). I am confident in victory, but I wonder how can we have victory now if we’re going to have Campbell perform a meltdown in person.

    I can now see fully the merit of taking people to SPJ that weren’t internet celebrities – they feel less of a need to put on a show.

    Dammit, if Gamergate is important, tighten your belts and get Airplay done. If you want to simply cry about how the media won’t cover us in only the way you want us covered, while turning down offers to be covered – then stay home for Airplay.

    15 mintues is plenty of damn time.

  86. @defektiv0 · July 14

    Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    People were saying this was a sham from the beginning, but I wanted to believe that Koretzky might actually be a good, objective journalist who wanted to get to the truth. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear that this is not the case. I won’t defend what Oliver or the others did because I wasn’t there, I don’t know the facts, and this retelling smells very much of heavily slanted personal bias written in anger.

    I’m getting the feeling that Koretzky is thoroughly beholden to his far-left “progressive” ideology. He may not be a fire-breathing ideologue, but the quiet manipulators in the media are far more sinister and dangerous, and I’m starting to believe he is one of these slimy political operators. He’s always been on the side of anti-Gamergate, from the very beginning. Even if he truly thought he could be objective and fair when starting this thing, even if he was never even able to be truthful with himself about it, so ingrained in the mainstream media of the west is this “progressive” idea that only certain things are acceptable speech before it becomes acceptable for the media, en masse, to pillory and demonize those who don’t conform, and certain things are beyond the pale in a debate. He’s given one of the most ideological and disingenuous people on the planet, Sarah Butts, a free pass since the beginning, while REPEATEDLY demanding Gamergate supporters ONCE AGAIN disavow harassment.

    And still he lays blame at our feet, we thousands of disparate individuals with widely ranging beliefs, thoughts and ideas, any time there’s a hint an element of Gamergate that goes against the rapidly escalating totalitarian wing of “progressive” ideology. He had a bad phone call with three individuals who were elected not as representatives who speak FOR all of those who support Gamergate, but to give their own thoughts and ideas in a public forum as respected and prolific supporters, nothing more. It is for the rest of us to decide if we agree with them once this thing is done. But Koretzky can’t help making us into an organization with official leaders and members, and blaming all of us any time anything goes slightly off track with the “organization”. Well, I am now far more skeptical of Koretzky’s intentions, and it would take a massive mea culpa to bring me back to a neutral position on SPJ Airplay.

    I doubt that will happen, so barring that extremely unlikely event, I’m done with this charade. Good luck to those who still think anything valuable will come of this.

  87. Anonymous · July 14

    If you can’t sum up your movement in 2 words you’re BIG LOSER AND I HATE YOU

  88. Anonymous · July 14

    Now what should I do?

    I know, lets write a long, livejournal-esque blog entry that provides ammunition to various adversaries. He he this journalism game is so fun! It’s almost like high-school.

    Discretion? What is that?

  89. biznitch · July 14

    Well obviously Oliver owes you a very big apology. If you receive one to your satisfaction I still feel he has something worth listening to. I can certainly understand your feeling slighted by his remarks after all the effort you have put into providing a forum for discussion.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      Koretzky owes Oliver an apology. He changed the amount of time and then tried to say it was always supposed to be fifteen minutes. He may not have yelled but he lied and also wrote a hateful “update” about him.

  90. @AmazingSully · July 14

    As a pro-GG I would say 2 people seem pretty clearly in the wrong here… Oliver and Koretzky.

    From Koretzky’s words (of course assuming they are true, and I have no reason to doubt they are), Oliver was clearly unreasonable, and Koretzky has every reason to be upset with Oliver. Koretzky is also wrong, because this post smears all of GamerGate based on the actions of 1 person. You specifically call out Allum and Ceb even though you mention nothing of them being unreasonable (aside from Ceb saying he’d back out), and yet you treat them as if they were Oliver. Furthermore, you called out the other 3 panelists who had NOTHING to do with the call at all.

    Keep in mind you are condemning everyone associated with GamerGate because of the actions of Oliver, which yes, were out of line, but they don’t represent everyone in the movement. This is exactly the bullshit GG has been facing since it’s creation… “hey look, 1 person said this so all of GG believes it”. It’s sloppy Koretzky.

    One last thing, the panel wasn’t chosen by “our community”, it was chosen by people you selected who identify as GG. There are a lot of people I’d (and the rest of the community) would have rather chosen to represent us… and in fact we had a poll and a good number of the highest rated weren’t even invited. I still think the panel is good, but it’s a stretch to say it was chosen by our community… 4 people are not our community.

  91. David Schlesinger · July 14

    I’d definitely like to hear something from Koretzky on “John Smith”‘s role in all of this.

    Apparently Smith was the one who broke faith with Koretzky and shared the update with Campbell despite expressly promising Koretzky that he wouldn’t.

    This is of particular interest to me since at the time Koretzky and I were discussing the possibility of Natalie Zed or myself participating as Airplay panelists, this same “John Smith”, as @38ch_JohnSmith on Twitter, presented himself to me there as the “event organizer”, invited me into DM, and then went and reposted the conversation publicly, tagging in #GamerGate.

    I asked Koretzky about this, and he told me—despite his being tagged in on “Smith”‘s Twitter messages—that “Smith” wasn’t the event organizer or “[Koretzky’s] anything”, but was doing the live streaming.

    I learned today on Oliver Campbell’s YouTube live stream that “Smith” is a high school student, or only just graduated. He’s quite proud of being the admin of, a disused imageboard which seems to have delusions of taking up where 8chan leaves off when HotWheels finally gets that PartyVan ride…

  92. Jaime (@KingFrostFive) · July 14

    Have been listening to the other side of the story because there’s a lot of accusations being done here, on both sides. It doesn’t sound like the issue is summarizing what GamerGate is for 15 minutes, it’s clearly detailing what GamerGate has done and been focused on in 15 minutes. The former is something you can do in a minute, we’ve done it in a minute. The latter takes a lot more time because there’s a lot of details to it.

    Before rebutting your three “GamerGate is” things, one important thing:

    It is fair to be concerned with the fact that things have been going on with everyone in the dark. While I like Ashe joining, that was completely random and after a few days none of us know ANYTHING about that situation. Is that your fault? The committee’s fault? Somebody fucked up on that and naturally people will have issue with both. Yet there are a few facts that we’ve finding out now that weren’t known before, such as Usher’s removal of the committee. NOBODY knew this. That it was Cathy Young who could only make the afternoon? NOBODY KNEW THIS.

    Is this clear?
    There are things we don’t know, important things, and most of us are in the dark. Most of THEM are in the dark too and they’re the ones going. Even though you’ve delegated the GG stuff to the panel, YOU are the boss of this and everyone will yell at the boss, especially if it’s about issues with the delegated group of power. You know how that works. You also know how frustrated people work.

    Your claims of what “GamerGate is…” are common? “Slash and burn” because people can’t compromise? You know that people can get heated, especially if it’s about things out of their control which they will be participants in. This would lend itself to people wanting everything done here and now because that’s how tensions work. As for having “done enough,” there’s two things to that: 1) quantity is not quality, and 2) you already know that there is a lot of material to it and to a lot of us, who’ve been here, you still know very, very little. You’re catching up on a year’s worth of information that has a lot of nuance. You yourself have agreed that you don’t know enough.

    This entire post comes off as your frustrations of a call and your choosing to air dirty laundry, and there’s a word for that: Immature.They annoyed you and wasted your time so now you’ll annoy them and waste their time.

  93. PG85 · July 14

    I don’t approve of OC’s behaviour at all if he was rude mr K and if there was a promise of secrecy that has been broken then I also find that unacceptable, but you are being very cheeky and sensationalist about this. I’ve also heard from the other end of the line that you’re leaving out critical information and are quoting out of context. As a professional journalist, I cannot imagine that you do not understand what kind of reaction this post might unleash, I also don’t see why you would want to publish this information in this way, the post seems quite emotional. I am happy to see though that the response in the comments section are once again civil (with some exceptions ofc 😉 and that the GG-stream that was organised after this on youtube was (and is!) in high spirits. With some luck, this will only serve to get us more focused and motivated. Peace 🙂

  94. Tallyrand · July 14

    That guy is a drama lama. He’s overly sensitive and I’ve thought for a while that GG has given him a big fat head. You’ve done plenty.

    Oh, and don’t dive into a mosh pit, old man, and not expect a drunken tumble or two. Welcome to the internets.

    • @ZenKaneda · July 14

      If you start knowing the person and have to work with him/her then technically you are not “in the internets” anymore and can start expecting some decent behavior.

      • Alan Warner · July 14

        Who has more decent behaviour, the one that said “house nigger” a lot or the one that decided to air all his dirty laundry for attention?

        You could certainly say “neither” is an appropriate response, but it’s important to note that only one of them is, at this point in time, apologizing. Care to take an incredibly difficult guess as to who?

  95. Anonymous · July 14

    GG stepping on their own dicks again. Hands up who didnt see this coming.

  96. Anonymous · July 14

    Crazy times.

    Seems like you’re pissed right now. Seems like GamerGate is pissed right now. AGGros are always pissed. But you’ve put a lot of work into getting Airplay going, as have GamerGate. Everyone has put up a lot of money (in a matter of hours in GamerGate’s case, imagine that, members of the public donating so quickly to debate about journalism)!

    Seems like enough people want it to happen, so lets make it happen.

    Here’s a thought, why not step away from moderating? You can get as angry and pissed at us as you want and vice versa, but when it comes down to it, it’s just a bunch of folks having a chat about the current standards of journalism with no agendas against one another.

    As it was supposed to be.

    • David Schlesinger · July 14

      Well, at least I’m not pissed. You gaggle of “ethicists” are hilarious.

  97. @ZenKaneda · July 14

    I was listening to Oliver Campbell’s stream today and the way he explained things was strange and confused.

    It is clear he had no excuse to keep yelling for 15 mins or to feel treated as a “house nigger”.

    Anyway, I hope you regain confidence in your choice of covering the Gamergate revolt.

    Covering a typical “irl” revolt is very easy in comparison. Documents and declarations are few and the many confusing interactions are mostly invisible.

    Gamergate is the typical internet revolt : almost all interactions remain visible and “drown” the few documents and declarations that bind us.

    So you are a pioneer in covering this kind of confusion and hopefully journalists develop a better understanding of Gamergate itself, and of “noise” covered internet stories in general.

  98. Gah · July 14

    Don’t fuck this up for us, Oliver. We are THIS CLOSE to being taken seriously but if this falls through we’ll just be seen as goddamn edgelords for another year.
    Stop embarrassing us, this is how we rewrite the narrative and show how the media has been corrupt from the inside out. And finally we can hold our heads high and admit to our friends and coworkers that we are PROUD GAMERGATERS and we made the works a better place!

  99. Niko Rossa · July 14

    Sorry to hear that happen, sometime Campbell loses his cool with his passion. However I don’t think it should undo all that has been done, Airplay is going to have a lasting results and will help everyone in GamerGate and hopefully games journalist move to a better place than it is now.

  100. Anonymous · July 14

    Koretzsky is being an ass.
    Is HE airing dirty laundry?
    Was HE being a touch more reactionary and involved in the argument than he says?
    Oliver admitted he was at fault and handled it badly, yet Koretzsky can’t?
    One disagreement from the man that has been desperately trying to bolster our faith in what Airplay could be and, Koretzsky, YOU call Gamergate slash and burn? You had ONE argument?
    Who is being ridiculous, immature and so on.

    I will let you in on a little something Koretzsky. We don’t need you. We don’t need Airplay.

    Yes it may be nice or even come to be a good thing for Gamergate. (but perhaps anything but). You may have good agendas or biases or not. You may have been investing a lot of effort into this (like Oliver has been investing) a lot of energy in supporting and promoting the concept.

    I, personally, think that Airplay may well have minimal impact and gaming and traditional press will ignore or lampoon it. It will make no changes to anything

    Why would we trust a society of journalists to be interested in the truth? That includes YOU. Washington Post, Time, The Guardian and the New Yorker are all “professional journalist” outfits and they have been dishonest.

    Why do we trust you? After airing this? You could have simply said ” Okay, we agree to disagree. Maybe we both said some heated shit. Move on”

    Nope, you are tattling. You are saying your feelings are hurt. Everything is tainted because mean old Oliver disagreed. That your Airplay is not worshipped as an altar. Because of one run in, everything about Gamergate is bad and the panel can’t work.

    Nothing above is objective, factual or mature. If you can’t be relied on to be objective and factual, at least can we rely on you to be a man? Get on with it or not, crying, rejecting all accountability for your part in the fight and airing dirty laundry is childish.

    • @ZenKaneda · July 14

      Who is “we” ?

      You think you speak on behalf of Gamergate with that sad little rant of yours ?


      • Anonymous · July 14

        We is the people in gamergate who see Koretzsky acting in bad faith and behaving badly.

        Rant, sure, sad, nope.

        So, where are you at now?

  101. Anonymous · July 14

    Kill yourself you fucking coward

    • @ZenKaneda · July 14

      So many anonymous trolls.

      SJWs in disguise ?

  102. Alan Warner · July 14

    What a fucking non-issue. This has absolutely zero relevance to the discussion at hand. Why would you mention names? Why not just make a 140 word tweet about this? Better yet, why even post this at all? It is painfully obvious that the only reason you even decided to post this update is to garner attention and stir up controversy. This kind of behavior is beyond embarrassing, it is pitiful.

    Not only that, but any event organizer worth their salt is able to deal with guests that are stubborn. If you didn’t understand this from the get go, then you shouldn’t have even started AirPlay in the first place. It is looking clearer with every passing day that you are totally incompetent and not worthy of handling such a simple task.

    Koretsky, it is unbelievable that you, as a journalist, actually think this is worthy of writing an update. Stop immediately. Do not go forward with AirPlay. This isn’t a pro-gg or anti-gg post, I am saying this for the sake of any and all parties at hand, because I know and guarantee that it will be you and you alone that will ruin AirPlay.

    Your ability to be so smarmy and egotistic while simultaneously being denser than a neutron star is astounding, something even worth studying. Feel free to consider this post harassment, or a personal attack, as I could care less. I am a neutral and I was looking forward to seeing a formal discussion about Gamergate but it seems, with you in charge, AirPlay will be nothing short of a complete and utter farce.

    Furthermore, I sincerely hope you never comment on Gamergate again. This is a suggestion I hope you take seriously, as it is clear that you have absolutely nothing useful to contribute to such a discussion. It will only make you an easier target for trolling and diminish whatever (minuscule) influence you’ve had prior.

    Either that, or you actually take a minute to look back at the moronic statements and suggestions you’ve made to both sides of Gamergate and realize how much of a fucking child you are acting like. Funny, how those who call others immature seem to be the most immature themselves. Does that mean you are projecting?

  103. Harry · July 14

    As someone who has followed #Gamergate since it’s beginning I’m finding this worrying. You appear to be trying your utmost here for no real personal gain and I’m personally incredibly appreciative.

    I’ve not heard the other side of this so I’m wary of making too definitive a judgment here but I can’t see what you have done wrong here. In particular to bring about the ‘house nigger’ comment which appears unprovoked.

    I’m hoping that a couple of days from now this will all be sorted and any issues ironed out (Personally I think that 15 minutes is easily enough). I really don’t want you to feel the need to pull the plug on this as I do believe it can do a lot of good.

    Cheers, Harry

  104. Jet · July 14

    “GamerGate is slash and burn. The movement can’t compromise on even the smallest of things. It’s all or nothing all the time.”

    How is it GG being all or nothing when you are the one drawing a line in the sand on 15 minutes? Surely you see there’s legitimate grievances with being forced to debate (not just present, but debate) a nearly year long issue in 15 minutes? Especially when there’s so much misinformation surrounding the events?

    “GamerGate is immature. Three grown men couldn’t let me off the phone even when I asked repeatedly and nicely. We had to resolve this right now.”

    I fail to see how wanting to resolve an issue immediately is “immature”.

    “GamerGate is all-consuming. I’ve volunteered three months, sat on a six-hour stream answering all questions, posted nearly 500 tweets, and sent more than 100 email replies. Yet apparently, I haven’t done enough.”

    Granted. We’re a bunch of autistic fucks. I don’t think anyone would deny that.

    Honestly, I’m not sure you’re the man for the job. You decry them for violating your trust then publish the details of a private conversation with the clear intent to paint them (and the collective, by extension) as every bit as bad as the detractors were saying all along. Did you even contact them with your intentions before doing this?

    I’m not familiar with your other work, and maybe you’re just burned out (GG will do that to people, I fully confess), but this sort of off-the-cuff emotional writing is exactly what I expect from bloggers and not journalists. I know you’ve put a lot of work into this, and thus criticism is not going to be well received, but that’s my impression here.

    • Anonymous · July 14

      It’s quite autistic of you to suggest that people wanting to leave because of other engagements is a bad thing.

  105. @8bitbugbear · July 14

    Seems to me that Koretzky’s whole aim is just to inject himself into the #gamergate controversy in the same way Based Mom, Milo and that other Breitbro are doing. GG is being co-opted from ALL sides. You’re just clickbait now. It’s kinda sad because I truly believe that GG is not all shitlords like you’re made out to be but at this point you’re just being used.

  106. bryoneill11 · July 14

    Wait!!! Almost all GamerGaters has been praising you for giving us the chance to be there. Why this update so one sided. What about anti gamergaters. They havent even show. They hate you. They think that you giving us a platform is enough to dismiss you. Why not an update about that?!?! So is better not talking to you, dismiss you as a real journalist, not go to your panel, You are suppose to be a journalist for gods sake. One single misunderstanding and you jump to conclusions and yo judge a whole group? So your friends told you to watch out? Why dont you go and do this to any anti gamergate site? Lets see how they treat you and the things they’ll say about you. Do you also label Christians, Muslims, Latins, blacks, cops, republicans, democrats, asians, etc.??? No wonder theres people skeptic about you and your airplay. Antigamergate thinks you are a joke, now I want to see if they are right or wrong.

  107. Swordy · July 14

    (Sorry for poor English, not native English speaker here. I do what I can)
    “Explain GG in less than 15 min”. Ok: GG is a consumer revolt, tired of corruption in the gaming industry and ideological bias in the gaming press.

    1) Show proof of corruption: advantages in nature [like free stuff, high standard hotel room,…], game review paid to be positive to the product,…
    I.E: interview of TotalBiscuit (a very popular game reviewer on YouTube) on the David Pakman Show: (the video will immediately play the interesting part)

    2) Examples of games receiving an unfair treatment because they don’t conform to the current ideological drive of the video games press. I.E: ‘Bayonetta 2’ review on Polygons. “Bayonetta 2’s blatant over-sexualization puts a big dent in an otherwise great game” (source:

    Lastly, the sparkle that started this consumer revolt was the Zoe post, that demonstrated an unhealthy proximity between the video game press and the game industry. Radical feminists saw this through their radical feminist lens, they saw a successful woman attacked by a group of man because of her sexuality, and thus framed GG a “women hating and right-wing movement”. Two simple answers to that :
    1) The Zoe post was only the straw that broke the camel’s back. Many things slowly lead to that (I.E video game journalist Jeff Gerstmann fired because of he gave a low score to the game ‘Kane & Lynch: Dead Man’. He was fired after pressure was made on his employer by advertisers, thus breaking the very idea of journalism independence [see the wiki article

    2) GG has been framed as a right-wing movement because those who attack us the most are identified as left-wing. Nonsense! Back in 90’s, gamers like me were already attacked by conservative Christian groups (considered right-wing) that accused video games of promoting “witchcraft and the occult among the youth”. Yet nobody called us “angry atheists” or “Christian haters”. Again in 2000’s, when concerned conservative parent/family associations (still right-wing), led by Jack Thompson, were accusing video games of promoting violence and murder among the youth, gamers fought them back, without being called “family haters” or “leftists” by the press (this image sums it all:
    My point is: we gamers don’t want our games to be used as propaganda tool for the right, the left, the environmentalist, the feminist, the nazi, the alien, the cat-lovers… We’re not anti-this or pro-that, we just want artists to be free to create stuff without ideological pressure from the outside and enjoy our games unaltered by a third party’s agenda. Just like it was before GG! Gamers never went on feminist/Christian/whatever sites to attack people based on their identity/ideology from a gamer’s perspective. Gamers just want to play games.

  108. BHXSpecter · July 14

    Do AirPlay, don’t do airplay. It really doesn’t matter as the outcome will not be good either way. If you do it and it turns out that the journalists lied about GamerGate, then it means they did collude to write those articles and cost them their jobs and livelihoods. The truth coming out won’t matter much in that regard either because they have already tainted the world view of GamerGate (for those who care about what it is). As I said to you on twitter:

    We are gamers. We have been viewed negatively in the court of public opinion since the 80s. We are used to it.

    In my lifetime, I’ve been told via media that I’m playing with children’s toys (80s), a serial killer (90s), violent (2000), and now that I’m sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynist, violent, terrorist, and been compared to KKK and ISIS (2010). All this just for being a gamer. After all this ends, some new critic or activist will start a new campaign against gamers and games during the decade after 2020. The data has always proven them wrong. Gamers are patient, we have waited a year for the facts to come out and we will patiently wait longer for them to come out.

  109. BeyPokéDig · July 14

    Before this update, everything I have seen you do was pretty much exactly what I would have done in your place. Maybe with entirely different reasoning, I don’t actually know that much of the situations you were in after all. This update, though… I honestly don’t know what I would have done if people fired their spaghetti cannons at me like that. It seems there was some sort of spaghetti spill chain reaction. I need to investigate further, watch the stream etc. to form an opinion. On the first glance, it seems your thick skin was, for the first time, pierced – by an unpredictable and surprising spaghetti malfunctioning bomb. I’m going to call this entire situation “Spaghettimageddon” or “Spaghettipocalypse” and go eat, as I clearly shouldn’t be writing comments when hungry. Anyway, please try to keep in mind that while GamerGate and Airplay apparently consume sanity for breakfast and that’s not good, both are actually very good and important. Please don’t give up. (For non-Koretzkys reading this: you don’t give up either!) Know that you will encounter people whose sanity has been drained over time (and some who never had it in the first place) and that your own sanity will be attacked. Prepare for it and please endure it. Always take enough time to think about a problem! Airplay has the potential to be very important for everyone, not just people involved in GG. Thank you for organising it and good luck. I hope my support will help you keep sanity.

  110. Anonymous · July 14

    Just going to leave this here

  111. Tizoc · July 14

    I’ll just leave this here.

  112. Anonymous · July 14

    Or, perhaps, they were angry because you all the suddenly slashed the original 50 minute time into 15 minutes without warning? It’s like you are trying to set up a trap. This is not helped with your “guilty until proven innocent” approach to GamerGate.

    Proof that the time slot was cut:

    • GoonZL · July 14

      Interesting. What could be the reason for that?

  113. Unsurprised · July 14

    Yes, Michael, some of us tried to tell you what was going to happen. Those of us who have professional and/or academic experience do know how conferences, presentations, and panels work. But we didn’t want to participate because anything GG-related becomes a total shitshow. When you let clowns run the circus, no one makes sure that the tentpoles stay up. And that’s exactly what happened here.

  114. Anonymous · July 14

    Koretsky, you cut the time slot down from 50 to 15.

    People are rightfully pissed at the change you made and you try to play the victim card for something completely your own fault. Hmph, it’s sad to see how far journalism has fallen. If anyone isn’t convinced that this farce has been a trap all along I hope this bait and switch convinces them.

    • Anonymous · July 14


  115. fuckoliver · July 14


  116. Ger · July 14

    I’ve seen the archives of the schedule that was quietly changed from 50 minutes to 15. We like to archive stuff, because we have a history of people tampering with the evidence and then trying to slam us with fabrications. Perhaps, as we keep saying, context actually matters.

    Oliver knows and expects that we will take him to task for losing his temper, and you can expect the same for this example of inflammatory bait.

    For those of us watching this from afar, it looks like you’re already raising a hammer to crush Airplay and provoking us (with this timely update) for excuses to use it. It would be make a great story, after all, to be the one who held out such a shining olive branch to those rotten gamers, only to have to draw your hand back from the wall of gnashing teeth because not a single one of them could keep their rampant barbarism in check.

    You know full well that isn’t all of us, or even most of us, so please, Koretzky, don’t make me right.

    Or do. We’re already so bruised, it hardly seems like another one would matter, and it would hardly be surprising.

  117. Pingback: Airplay: What is #GamerGate about? | WatchersO'Brien
  118. Anymoose · July 14

    This is why GamerGate doesn’t have leaders. Dramafags ruin everything. Stick a tampon in all of you and drive on.

  119. Anonymous · July 14

    Hey man, I know people are getting more and more heated as the big show grows closer, and I appreciate that it’s probably a bigger beast than you initially considered it to be. Gamers are a passionate bunch, and our chosen representatives are chomping at the bit with this opportunity to tell our story. I hope cooler heads prevail here, because I firmly believe that the people we are sending are more than capable of making our case as long as we get a fair hearing, regardless of whatever structures or framework they are given to work with. You’re doing good work here, I know it’s not an easy or popular task, but stay the course and watch history unfold. And it is history, because this is undoubtedly the first Internet movement of its kind, and I believe it is setting the template for all future massive community driven controversies to come. Thanks for your efforts.

  120. Brokentinker · July 14

    Sounds like two sides miscommunicating.

    Sounds like emails might be the way forward, cooler head on all sides.
    The unequal treatment is writing of these updates is still glaring though, oh well, nothing new. I’ve listened to the original call someone linked in the comment section, I can see the criticism of Oliver, but I AM confused by the “3 grown man not letting you off the phone bit”, I might give another to make sure I didn’t miss the parts where the other two are doing what you claimed.

    Good luck and hopefully you guys can sort this out, privately. This is not much different from Oliver’s outburst on the call.

  121. William Burr · July 14

    Look at your opening to this post. Then put yourself outside it, and try to see what an outsider would think of that post.

    Is there any possible way, given that post, to see you as a disinterested party, trying your best to be fair?

  122. Tom · July 14

    As a pro-GGer, i think 15 minutes is plenty of time to cover it, however, In my opinion the structure of the debate should have been done before you invited people to it so they can see the structure of the debate and if they are happy with it and agree to then there isn’t any room for drama post agreeing to it.

    If the panelists have zero input into the structure of the debate, the topics, etc then it should have been done before inviting people to attend, especially before asking the public to raise money to fund travel expenses (of which I have contributed towards).

    The reality is people are invested in different things, have different motivations, while I think both sides should be committed to going to AirPlay and debating, I think you could have done a much better job of selling it to both sides.

    Perhaps it is a learning experience for everything.

    I think AirPlay is too important in terms of the potential lessons for journalists now and in the future, about the pitfalls of ignoring ethics in an industry, reality is the gaming media should be a how to book for journalists as how to not behave if they want to remain in journalism.

    However, it is more complex than that, to understand why it degenerated to the point it had, you need to understand the landscape of gaming journalism and there is no scope to explain that within the debate and I think it is critical to journalism long-term, I do believe the gaming industry is the canary in the coal mine and there is no scope to examine what is happening and why.

  123. DwarfGate · July 14

    Whoa, whoa guys, let’s just calm down. We’re all riled up from FINALLY having a professional establishment WITHOUT SJW religious doctrine. We had to fight tooth and nail for that for almost a year.
    15 minutes is fine if it’s summarized – there is no need to go into EVERY single detail about GamerGate, but in 15 minutes it’s more than possible to explain the Zoepost, the 14 Gamer Are Dead articles, and quickly list what every asshole is guilty of (Harper harasses people, Anita is a puritanical censor, etc.)
    Seriously normal people just aren’t that interested in gaming and if they ask for more or want proof then give it, but to the average person news has to go in, get processed, then leave. This stuff hits home to me, yes, but you think anyone else in my family of non-gamers gives a shit? Sorry Campbell, but prepare that argument and save it for later – there’s a time limit to peoples’ attention spans and it dwindles and dwindles the further you wander from their exact interests.

  124. jdilz · July 14

    Best and brightest? Hardly.

    The rest of us are terrified of going public because of people harassing us and our families and going after our jobs and professional lives. I simply can’t risk that, though I have a job in the tech industry doing very intellectual work.

    • mixedmartialartshistory · July 14

      Correct. The panel is composed of talented people, no more or less intelligent than hundreds of other talented people supporting the hashtag.

    • mixedmartialartshistory · July 14

      It’s worth pointing out that Allum and John are quite young, and Oliver is young enough to refer to Thornblossom as “an old lady” when she appears to be about the same age as myself, daddywarpig and many others supporting the hashtag.

      If you start with kids, you run the risk of dealing with immaturity.

  125. Dan · July 14

    I don’t know why I ever trusted you, Koretzky. Turns out that in the end, you are just another journalist. You’ve single handedly gone and done all the things we’ve been sick of for nigh on a year. You offer us a decent deal to voice our concerns, then immediately start writing inflammatory articles focusing on harassment and things completely tangential to your original promise for Airplay. You made this post to air out your dirty laundry, making this entire update essentially attacking Oliver and using a wholly one-sided perspective with no context. Worst of all, you’ve gone back on promises and played victim. We have the archives of your original schedule, showing that the segment that you claim has always been merely 15 minutes was chopped down to that from an originally promised 50. They weren’t demanding you raise the time TO an hour, they were pissed that you dropped it FROM an hour. You’ve only served to prove some of our fears right through all of this, Koretzky. You’re a journalist looking for attention and a big break, and so you’re exploiting this controversy to get your name out, joining in the blasting that most mainstream media have done for months, playing the victim when that’s hardly the case, and just flat out lying. I have absolutely no more faith in Airplay, at least not as long as you continue to hold the helm. You’ve managed to make it abundantly clear that you don’t give a shit about what we have to say, you just care about what we can do for your image and what story we can catapult for you. I wish nothing but the best for the panelists who still choose to attend, and hope they may be able to reach some people, but God knows you’re beyond all hope, Koretzky.

  126. Kiltmanenator · July 14

    Just a quick follow up post, Mr. K. After reading Campbell’s blog post explaining his decision to leave, I have to say I’m glad. Even though I’m disappointed in his behavior, I’d rather him have his hissy fit NOW instead of at the panel.

    I trust everyone else can exercise some tact and show some composure.

    No one said this would be easy….*sigh*. Keep up the good work.

  127. Jemni · July 14

    As I understand it, the problem on Oliver’s end was lack of communication and consultation. Basically, he wasn’t being treated as an equal voice, he was just being told what to do.

  128. V Whitaker · July 14

    So…scheduling issues, time limit arguments and heated exchanges between people that have doubts–basically MO for anyone trying to schedule anything. Is there a reason this journalist felt the need to put this out there? A private phone call that got heated? So now we, once again devolve into a ‘he said/he said’. Oliver has responded in several places giving his interpretation of this encounter. Read both and make your mind up.

  129. Henry · July 14

    “Their “big problem” is AirPlay’s smallest part. As it says on the schedule page…

    In 15 minutes, learn the contours of the cruelest online controversy you’ve never heard of.

    Campbell and Ceb wanted that expanded to an hour. I told them no.”

    They didn’t wanted it expanded, they wanted the original schedule to be respected.

    “Journalists know deadlines. AIrPlay will meet these…
    • 10-10:50 am – What the hell is GamerGate and why should I give a damn?
    • 11-noon – Let’s get ethical: real-world examples of gaming journalism
    • LUNCH – wouldn’t it be cool if mortal enemies mutually masticated?
    • 1-3 pm – This isn’t a game: Face to face on GamerGate”

    What’s with the lies?

  130. anon gg'er · July 14

    Koretzky I’m a big disappointed in you with this update, do you want to know why people told you to stay away from a man in black/butts?

    They paint with brushes that are too broad, your own article even has falsehoods, first of all:
    “What happens when you give GamerGate panelists almost everything they want at AirPlay?

    They threaten to quit.”

    You provide writing later that campbel and ceb said they wanted to quit, this isn’t even the majority of them

  131. Anonymous · July 14

    Comes down to expectations. There was no reasonable expectation to have the media give GG any fair shake in a debate until Airplay’s proposal. And the expectations that we set months ago was there was going to be a 1 hour GG discussion.

  132. Anonymous · July 14

    This is pretty petty. Just cause others are jackasses doesn’t mean you need to abandon professionalism. This is such a drama post. If you have to go eat, go eat. Tell them, they are misbehaving. This comes off as you looking for an audience for your drama. A 19 year old wasn’t able to hold onto his promise of holding a secret… color me surprised…

    >I wonder what ultimatums they’ll give me. I wonder if any of them will accuse me of making them a nigger.

    This is just flat out embarrassing. How can you consider this professional?

    I’m sorry its hard to take what you say seriously when what you write makes me question your own attention to professionalism.

  133. justinm · July 14

    Make airplay go ahead, if oliver had a melt down or burn out then that is simply how it is, nobody is perfect and i want this to happen because gamergate needs to either show its side, or show that you are being shadowy about this.

    i havent heard enough to choose which side is happening but i know its not cut and dried

  134. Jay · July 14

    Correct me if I’m wrong but what I’ve gathered is:
    > Koretzky changes the GG discussion in the morning from 50 to 15 minutes
    > Campbell feels out of the loop and like a token black guy
    > You try and resolve the situation in a private conversation
    > Emotions get the better of people
    > Koretzky complains about the private discussion online
    Is that about right?

    • David Schlesinger · July 14

      You left out the “Oliver Campbell and John Smith go behind Koretzky’s back” part.

      • PG85 · July 14

        “Campbell admitted he’d read these AirPlay updates before they were posted. I’m still unsure what point he was trying to make with this admission, but it floored me.”

        So yeah, that was certainly wrong but at least he was being honest about it, he fessed up and apologised. Noone forced him to do that.

        • David Schlesinger · July 14

          What were his options, but to “fess up” and “apologize”? He admitted having access to documents he had no right to, and on the live stream yesterday, “John Smith”—who turns out to be a high school kid who runs a ghost town of an imageboard—admitted going behind Koretzky back with them.

          If GamerGate is attempting to present itself as a movement that has something to do with “ethics”, it’s got one hell of a peculiar approach.

          • Anonymous · July 14

            David, you seem informed and passionate why not represent your point of view at Airplay?

    • mixedmartialartshistory · July 14

      > Campbell feels out of the loop and like a token black guy

      I believe this is more a reaction to Allum than to Koretzky.

  135. >GamerGate is slash and burn. The movement can’t compromise on even the smallest of things. It’s all or nothing all the time.
    This isn’t a movement, but; we don’t need to compromise. You have yet to offer anything valuable in exchange for the time and attention of the people involved here; only perpetual whining about your lack of interest. If it’s so disinteresting, cancel it; or shut up.

  136. Daniel · July 14

    Funny thing about the internet is how we can retrieve archived information, in this case proving you’re a liar.
    (note the time previously allocated to discussions of Gamer Gate)

  137. EagleScoutDJB · July 14

    For someone that’s supposedly unbiased and professional you seem to have no problem airing your dirty laundry for all to see. No matter who you believe is at fault here this update is unprofessional bullshit.

  138. Anonymous · July 14

    This “update” is no less an emotional over-reaction than Oliver’s comments.
    You make it difficult to believe this is a good faith effort when you paint all of GG supporters with a broad brush over some agenda dispute.

  139. Woot · July 14

    It’s like you changed things and they weren’t happy about it.

    Archives are a bitch.

  140. Gentler Mouse · July 14

    To put this in perspective, they would have 1+ hour on gaming journalism & 1+ hour on media GG portrayals. Out of a 2+ hour talk, a 15 min intro is enough. It’s not like 15 min in total.

  141. UnSubject · July 14

    The original 50 minute window made more sense when there was going to be two sides showing up. If it’s only one side, surely a 15 minute recap followed by more time on ethics in gaming journalism is exactly the right way to go about it.

    Because actually it’s about ethics in games journalism, after all.

  142. Anon · July 14

    Mr Koretzky,
    I have not heard both sides of this story nor do I care to. Insinuating that the entirety of GamerGate is immature etc. for the behaviour of one person is not at all fair or accurate. You’re generalising from the specific. In this case, it does not apply, it is nothing more than an accurate stereotype.

    In fact, if your story is in any way true, it is no more mature of you to post an update crying about how Oliver was upset and Mark was upset than it is for them to be upset in the first place. In fact, you come across as very fickle in general: your opinion seems to be shifting from “I like them” to “I don’t like them” for both sides with each update. All that matters is who is going to be there and that you are impartial when they are.

    If you thought this was not worth the time and aggravation, perhaps that’s something you should have considered. As a journalist, you are very much aware that no issue is a one-story deal, especially not one as complicated as this. Complaining that you’ve had to do your job, as in researching and learning about an issue, is not only redundant considering your position, but childish. I can understand it gets tiring and people on both sides are giving you a lot of things to think about, but this is what happens with issues like this.

    Journalism is exhausting. I can’t believe I, some anonymous fool, have to tell you that. You’re going to have people like Oliver, you’re going to have people like that Zed woman, whatever her name actually is, and you’re going to have to deal with it. At this point, you’re using this site like a Tumblr blog to complain about every little interaction you have.

    Do your job. Try to remain impartial. You understood this would be a large undertaking, as any event is, and you have so far committed to it. Incessantly whining about it is not going to make the incessant whining you’ve had to deal with any better.

    Good luck, sir.

    • Anon · July 14

      Inaccurate* stereotype, is what I intended to say. My apologies.

  143. Mark · July 14

    So no idea if you’ll see this Mike (I don’t have a twitter account so can’t reach you there more directly), but a few things have happened since you published this post, that I think should depress you a little less:

    1. Oliver has stood down from his panel position, in no small part due to some GG backlash I’m sure, but whatever his reasons I think he’s doing the right thing for all involved. I hope you see that too.

    2. Sargon has stepped up and offered to go if people are willing to fund his trip (which, if the indiegogo or whatever goes live, will be a strong enough indication that GG want him to be there should he reach his goal).

    I hope you see this as the positive I do: That GG cleaned its own house and got things moving forward again. Not really indicative of a amorphous misogynist hate mob.

  144. Anonymous · July 14

    Here’s your reply.

  145. Anonymous · July 14

    Okay I can do it: Gamergate is a vague term that refers to a group of gamers and netizens that are opposing gaming media and journalism that invokes social justice philosophy, as a means to label the majority of gamers as a marginalizing homogenous demographic.
    That was pretty easy.

  146. Anonymous · July 14

    How you can publicly post opinionated details from a personal conversation and still proclaim to represent a group dedicated to professional journalism is a joke. While Mr. Campbell may have spoke out of line and had been unable to control his emotions, the fact that you decided to post details about the conversation is wildly unprofessional. If you felt he was a bad choice for the panel, or didn’t want to work with him, then simply drop him from the panel and find a replacement. You chose to handle this in an immature and unprofessional manner, and because of that, people are losing hope for this event.

  147. Anonymous · July 14

    When there seemed a snowball’s chance in hell that aGG might show up, I was on board with you pissing off GG to improve the odds. Now that we know they won’t, there’s no point to public misbehavior on your part. The fact that you’re still doing it implies it was never really an act.

  148. Saiyo · July 14

    “I’ve certainly met some wonderful, fascinating GamerGaters these past few months. But maybe there aren’t enough of them to make difference. ”

    How many fascinating GGers have you known? how many are not making a difference?

  149. Anonymous · July 14

    I’m disappointed in Oliver on this one. The challenge you gave him is fair, and if he wasn’t willing to step up to it he shouldn’t have blown up about it. A 15 minute introduction would obviously have to be carefully prepared, but the whole point of having a formalized event is to spend the time planning and condensing for the benefit of viewers.

    That said, did there really need to be such a strong backlash attacking all of GG over this? It seems like Oliver overreacted, but can’t say this post spiraling out onto generalization didn’t seem like a bigtime overreaction too. You just raised a very strong flag of distrust toward all other panelists over this – which could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    While Oliver as a proponent of his position should be expected to be prepared and concise and present in a reasonable amount of time, so you should also be expected to recognize that – just like you aren’t representing GG’s interests – they aren’t representing yours either. And on your last “all-consuming” point, this isn’t charity. GG will pressure to advance its interests, and you’ll have to deal with that – just like you had to deal with anti-GG representing their own interests by bailing completely. You have a lot of surprisingly affirmative praise for anti-GG considering they have done everything in their power to make your event a failure, and had very little venting to target at them for it (certainly there wasn’t a “GamerGate was right about everything” sort of emotive exclamation at their concerted efforts to undermine your inquiry).

  150. Peat Moss · July 14

    Why are you posting the contents of a private phone call concerning scheduling at an event that you’re hosting? I’ve been in charge of events before, and I didn’t go crying to the internet whenever a panelist had an issue with the way the event was being run. Pretty sure that’s private business.

  151. BadGhosts · July 14

    Why are you injecting yourself so much into this story? This shit is so pathetic Koretzky, you should know better and act better, especially being a member of the SPJ. The panelists haven’t ruined this, your self-injection into this has.

  152. Michael · July 14

    You Wrote:
    Last night was everything that a dozen or so gaming journalists and GamerGate critics told me would happen…GamerGate is slash and burn………

    You are not fit to run this event. You have become the story, not GamerGate. This whole ‘update’ is about how your frustrations sync with your friends and colleagues who do not like Gamers.
    Just end this sorry mess and save everyone, including yourself, the misery.
    Ethics in journalism is the focus of GamerGate. If your not telling that story then no one in GamerGate is going to be very cooperative with you. It is just that simple.

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  155. Anon · July 14

    Ahahah Gamergaters are a waste of space. No one wants to liste to you losers anymore – can’t even explain your movement in 15 hours never mind 15 minutes. Because it’s a goddamn mess! Enjoy spending the rest of your lived whinging about “ethics in games journalism” while anyone with a life and isn’t a virgin gives a shit.

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  158. Graceland · July 14

    Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L–IG-REN—N-A!

  159. Lina · July 14

    Pleasing you should think of sotheming like that

  160. Julissa · July 14

    I much prefer inmvfratioe articles like this to that high brow literature.

  161. · 29 Days Ago

    Hi Nami, I’m so glad you like the recipe. You’re right – using “left over” ingredients is hard sometimes. What makes this salad special is it lends itself to using what you have on hand – the quantities are a suggestion.

  162. When the President's representative identified me as a potential terrorist, simply because I am willing to prepare for disasters, read my bible, and own guns, I knew there was no reason to ever consider voting for him. A vote for Romney is simply an admission that voting for anyone else is doing less than everything possible to remove Obama from office.

  163. Wow! Co za zbieg okolicznoÅ›ci. DokÅ‚adnie takie same rogaliki robi moja ciocia-babcia Ludka. Zawsze siÄ™ zastanawiaÅ‚am po co wkÅ‚adać ciasto do tej wody i raz czy dwa po prostu zostawiÅ‚am do wyroÅ›niÄ™cia. Ale wtedy nie byÅ‚y takie dobre…