The speakers



AirPlay has three teams

But those teams aren’t competing against each other. AirPlay will feature GamerGate advocates talking with journalism experts and a neutral game developer. The goal isn’t to “win” but to learn. Below is the final speaker list. Check back here and at the #SPJAirPlay hashtag.



GamerGate panelists

The GamerGate community chose its own. AirPlay organizer Michael Koretzky recruited four GamerGate supporters – both well-known and unknown – to do the dirty work.

They discussed all those names in open streams and posted their email exchanges about it. (Links here.) After querying online forums and reading more comments and tweets, they met one last time to winnow it all down to what they called “the blue-ribbon list”…

Morning panel (gaming press ethics)

Afternoon panel (covering online controversies)



Journalists and a “neutral”

Journalism ethics expert Lynn Walsh and journalism trainer Ren LaForme will sit with independent game developer Derek Smart.



The “AGG” absence

GamerGate critics are boycotting AirPlay. Anti-GamerGate (known as AGG) says AirPlay will serve to only support a “hate movement” that has only a passing interest in journalism ethics. While we respect AGG leaders’ opinion, we believe talking is always better than not talking. If AGG leaders change their minds, they’re welcome at AirPlay.


The moderator

The organizer is the moderator. Koretzky is an SPJ national board member whose interest in GamerGate stretches all the way back to May 4. That’s when he first wrote about the controversy.